Things You Need for Comfort During Menstruation

Things You Need for Comfort During Menstruation

What are your associations with menstruation? For most women it is discomfort. Gradually, we learn to perceive menstruation as a process of body cleansing, but with accompanying pain and inadequate hygiene, it can be difficult.

Your body is under tremendous stress during this period of time and the best way to deal with it is to maintain cleanliness, preventing the risk of infection or skin irritation. Today we are talking about the things that are extremely important to remember during menstruation in order to feel fresh and clean:

1. Cotton Underwear

In the days of menstruation, it is strictly contraindicated for you to wear tight underwear with laces or other jewelry. It can cause a rash, itching, and even injure your skin because tight clothing increases the accumulation of heat in the vaginal area. It is recommended to wear cotton underwear as this fabric “breathes” and allows you to maintain cooler temperature underneath.

2. Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are the most hygienic way of protection during menstruation. The bowls do not cause allergies, prevent the development of bacterial infections, and help maintain normal PH. The main problem with pads and tampons is that the menstrual blood constantly contacts those parts of the vagina that are very sensitive, which can cause irritation. But menstrual cups simply stop the blood flow, they are easy to clean, rinse and reuse.

3. Regular Showers

It is the best way to remove all residual blood and this should be done at least once a day to avoid stagnation and the development of bacteria. It is extremely important to remember that you do not need to disrupt the acidity of the vagina so as not to encounter thrush or other problems.

The vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, which takes effect during menstruation and artificial hygiene products can interfere with the natural process leading to infections and bacterial growth. Use warm water without aggressive detergents and be careful so as not to injure yourself.

4. Underwear for Menstruation

Buying special clothes for such days may seem an unreasonable luxury to you, but it will be a great investment in your own comfort and hygiene. Most companies creating such underwear allow you to choose among several options like slips, shorts, and even thongs. In addition, almost all companies that manufacture waterproof panties are ethical and support gender equality. Some of them donate part of their profits to charity funds.

5. Only One Hygiene Item

Many women prefer to use tampons and sanitary pads at the same time. This allows you to avoid leaks and prevent the appearance of spots but the combination of two different devices makes you forget about the need to change them.

Bacteria begin to multiply in the accumulated blood. The best gynecologists in Brooklyn claim that this causes many dangerous infections and chronic diseases. It is much better and safer for the body to use only one item that collects blood and change it as often as possible.

6. Proper Disposal

Another important step is the destruction of used pads and tampons. Wrap them carefully before discarding so that the bacteria does not spread. Do not flush them into the sewer, because this will lead to the accumulation of water and an increase in the number of bacteria. Do not forget to rinse your hands thoroughly after you throw away the used product as you probably touch the contaminated area when replacing them.

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