I Was Depressed Insomniac With Type 2 Diabetes My Story Of Self Recovery

I Was Depressed Insomniac With Type 2 Diabetes My Story Of Self Recovery

We generally take our mental health for granted. Sleep, the most precious gift, nature has given is very easily neglected over the predetermined fate we have born with.

Is it ok to not be ok? My stance with depression and insomnia

Insomnia is the step beneath to depression. Many a time a person finds himself in the whirlpool of unwanted thoughts and emotions which are drained. In medical terms, it is a situation in which a person is unable to start or maintain the process of sleeping. Insomnia has a deep impact on the hormonal imbalance on the person. While a person is unable to sleep, a hormone cortisol, a stress hormone is at a high level. This causes the feelings of anxiety and high blood pressure. Stress is a symptom exists in insomnia which can not let a person sleep at night.’

I had made a web of my thoughts and tired mind was always slipping the unprocessed thoughts, also I was:

  1. down or thoughtless
  2. a feeling of worthlessness, emptiness, and hopelessness
  3. I was restless and anxious every time
  4. I had no energy.
  5. Aimless and had no point of concentration
  6. I was in the agony of shame
  7. I was sympathetic to myself, always talking and making excuses to my self.

Depression is one of major form mental disorder which is marked by the overwhelmed feelings of gloom, sadness, and despair, prompted by the suicidal thoughts. Any individual comes under the stance of depression when he is grieved by the loss of someone he loved. Depression is something serious which a person can not walk away with, it is an apparent existing illness needing treatment. The unusual mood is dominated by dejection and gloominess and unhappiness, the person becomes judgmental. Depression makes a person emotionally feeble, which takes a while to recover. While a person has severe depression he has small or no control over certain emotions, he might be over or under expressive.

Encounter with Diabetes type 2:

As sleep was far away from my reach, I indulged my self in more unhealthy lifestyle. I used to eat repetitive, without the body’s demand, I always have a sweet tooth and I followed the routine which was highly discouraged by the health specialists. I started showing certain symptoms:

  1. I was always hungry: my sweet tooth factor worked here, my introduction to diabetes.
  2. I was always tired
  3. I always had a bursting bladder, my frequency of urination was always at the raising bars.
  4. I was always thirsty, as urination and the thirst goes hand in hand.
  5. Like my thoughts, the parts of my body were also going numb, the sugar inside me was killing the nerves.
  6. My eyes were aching with low intensity of light.
  7. Though eating to neck full, I was still losing the weight

All these measures though bring the positive changes in my life but to initiate the change I had to take sleeping tablets, and to curb my type 2 diabetes, with a healthy lifestyle I was also prescribed some medications. I was determined to change the overall look out of my life and now I am cured with my insomnia, I have 6 hours of restful sleep. I have started an NGO which educates people about the ill effects of not sleeping and thoughtless thinking.

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