Fildena 120 mg Tablet

Fildena 120 mg Tablet

What is Fildena 120mg Tablet ?

fildena 120mg online tablet consist sildenafil citrate, Which is fight again erectile dysfunction and improve the sexuality pending treatment. The Fildena 120mg  tablet taken as dosage and administration as given by your doctor, without forgot any skipped dose or over dose.The tablet has given by your physician for solved erectile dysfunction, in that so many differant dose is given as per your diagnose along disease and long when of disease, age and weight etc .Fildena 120mg  tablet of sildenafil citrate medicine which approve by united state of america of food and drug transaction , many year ago this tablet prescribe in USA but after  two years letter in india the doctor prescribe for erectile dysfunction.

How to take :

Tiny red-colored triangle tablets are easy for consumption and slips easily through throat when taken hereabout water. Consume  purely one pill in per day, 30 minutes before intercourse. Tiny red colored triangle pills are easy to Adhibit and slips smoothly through throat. Take pill simply with plain glass of water and Except high fat meals. Do not alter the state of pill by chewing or crushing as it may lower cogency of fildena 120 mg medicine.

How does it work :

buy fildena 120 mg leads to vasodilation— a process in which widening of the blood vessels take place.On administering it in the body, the muscle cells in the vessel walls are relaxed and smoothened.Space gives enough room to the blood vessels for bloating up which leads to an extension in the blood inrush rate.As the blood inrush rate increases, the penis gets sufficient blood supply for the erection.In the case of hypertension, the undisturbed regularity in the blood flow results in lower hazard of heart diseases and stroke.

Side effects of Fildena 120 Mg :

fildena 120 mg may have any of the following side effects (there could be more, depending upon several situations):


Back pain or Chest pain

Nausea or rashes

Diahorrea or indigestion

Pain in any Cardiovascular organs

Blurred Vision or Sleep Disorder


Verious quantum of fildena 120mg tablet is like 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 120mg, 150mg.This dose is frequancy prescribe of Fildena 120mg is maximum recomanded in once per day.


In the case of a doubt overdose, you need to contact your doctor immediately. In severe cases of overdose, you might require admonitory  medical attention.

Missed Dose:

Once you remember you have missed your dose you could suddenly take it immediately. Moreover, if it’s almost time for your next dose you can skip it altogether.

Precautions and Warning for Fildena 120 mg Tablet :

Before you start taking fildena 120 mg online, see your docto r to discuss your medical history. Let your doctor know if you have high blood pressure, kidney damage, liver damage, sickle cell anemia, cancer, bleeding disorders, myeloma, or if your penis has anatomical deformities. If you are buying Fildena 120 mg through, be sure to include all your medical information on the consultation form. If you aren’t sure if it’s safe for you to take Fildena 120 mg, make an appointment with your doctor.

How to store Fildena 120 mg?

Fildena 120 mg should be stored at room temperature in a clean, dry and dark place.

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