Give Your Back Teeth Some Attention They Deserve

Give Your Back Teeth Some Attention They Deserve

Usually, we don’t treat all our teeth equally. We are so concerned about the looks of our front teeth and assume that the back teeth don’t deserve as much attention because no one sees them anyway. However, these teeth are important and also need to be appreciated, treated if needed and restored if lost.

Our back teeth are modest working guys that process the food we bite with our front teeth. They do colossal work and are naturally worn out. If we have malocclusion of teeth or an uneven bite, this process can speed up due to the imbalance of strain over our teeth. The same with lost or sore teeth. When we have a tooth that bothers us, we try not to chew on this side of the jaw. This gives another side of the jaw double strain and teeth on this side wear faster.

Why Missing Back Teeth Are a Problem?

If there are any problems with back teeth we should solve them immediately. Don’t treat the health of these teeth carelessly because their loss will have bad consequences. The fact that they can’t be seen doesn’t mean your smile won’t change without them. If one tooth is missing, others will inevitably move to fill the gap. If it’s a back tooth, they will move aside, and this won’t make your smile more aesthetic.

Moreover, the absence of a back tooth may also distort your face features over time. Missing teeth don’t give the jawbone the necessary strain to keep it healthy. Lack of massage and blood supply will make it resorb over time. This will change your facial features and skin condition, making you look older. This is why you should replace every single tooth with a dental implant or other alternatives if it falls out or is extracted.

Dangerous Neighbors

There is also some hidden menace around our back teeth. It’s wisdom teeth that can be present under the gum as germs and still be a problem. As they start their way to the surface, they may squeeze the back teeth, bringing lots of discomfort, pain and even inflammation. The jaws of modern humans aren’t adjusted for having wisdom teeth and lack of space causes problems.

You can even lose your back teeth because of wisdom teeth. They usually grow very close to the back teeth. This makes proper cleaning impossible and food leftovers get stuck between them, becoming food for bacteria and launching the process of tooth decay. This is why it’s better to extract wisdom teeth before they become a problem.

How to Take Care of Your Back Teeth

>The rules for taking care of back teeth are simple.

  • Brush them well twice a day
  • Floss between them
  • Solve quickly any problems with your teeth that may make you want to chew only on one side
  • Remove the wisdom teeth roots if you have them (in some lucky people they just don’t develop)
  • Visit your dentist regularly to detect any possible problems with your teeth before they start bothering you
  • Eat useful products that help keep your teeth strong and healthy

You don’t need to do something extra to keep your back teeth healthy. These are just basic things that relate to your general oral health. Be attentive to it and you will preserve all your teeth as long as possible.

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