Hacks To Transform Your Restaurant After COVID

Hacks To Transform Your Restaurant After COVID

The pandemic has been a tough time for businesses around the globe. The first few months were tough on restaurant owners as people stopped visiting eateries altogether. Further formal closing of the restaurants added to the stress, and business people had to develop other strategies. 

Now, the world is coming back to normal gradually. If you are a restaurant owner in UAE or anywhere globally, these few tips can help transform your restaurant after COVID. You can do so by changing the restaurant interior design in UAE alongside taking care of other factors. 

Let’s have a look at the hacks to transform your restaurant after COVID

Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is the ultimate king of advertisement today, and nothing can beat social media marketing. If you reopen your restaurant and are afraid that people might not come back, approach them through social media. Improving your social media presence is also possible by offering attractive discounts and coupons. Paid advertisements can also help boost your social media posts, making them visible to more people.

Improve the Photography

Food photography is more important than ever before. People have ordered food more than anything else in the past year. A report by Upserve shows that weekly sales increased up to 840% via online ordering. It is a marketing gimmick that says, “What shows, sells.” So, if your food looks good on your website or Instagram page, the chances are that people would order more.

Change the Restaurant Interior

A little change hurts no one!

Making some modifications in the Restaurant Interior Design in UAE will give a fresher look to the restaurant. If you have had a dark-colored interior, adding some plants or changing the paint color would be great to display a different vibe. Change some lights or the patterns inside the restaurants to give it a different look.

Outdoor Sitting

Due to the pandemic situation, now people are skeptical of sitting in crowded places. Many countries have also halted indoor sitting and allow outdoor sitting to their customers. Having an outdoor seating arrangement is perfect for the current circumstances and provides an aesthetic look to the place. Create a nice and cozy outdoor sitting area with shade to save your customers from the harsh weather. Adding umbrellas will give it a more casual look and would not cost a lot either.


Not many of us used hand sanitizers in the past. But, now we don’t step out of the house without one. But what if some of the diners forget to carry a sanitizer along? In 2021, your restaurant must include sanitizer dispensers at all tables and near countries to enable people to stay safe. 

Home Delivery

Home deliveries are nothing new, yet they have gained more popularity in the last year. With the closing of restaurants, restaurant owners had to make deliveries a part of their service to save their businesses. Expanding your home delivery service to distant areas can ensure more customer flow and help you get back into the business. 

Communicate the Opening

While making changes to your Restaurant design is important, it is vital to communicate your opening to the customers. Inform them of your reopening through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the website with discounts and coupons. People will only reach you if they know about your reopening.

The Essentials

Restaurants are reopening, and people are going out to eat once again. However, it is important to take care of minute details in your restaurant while serving.

  • Waiters should avoid contact with the customers
  • No napkins should be collected without gloves
  • Waiters should sanitize their hands frequently
  • Mask dispensers should be present at the entrance of the restaurant


Take care of the critical elements while reopening the restaurants to ensure your customers are careful of their health. 

We are glad that everything is getting better, and we wish you all good luck!

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