How To Know If Your Mattress Is The Reason For Your Lower Back Pain

How To Know If Your Mattress Is The Reason For Your Lower Back Pain

Back pain can happen due to a lot of reasons. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is one of the reasons that promote severe back pain. People give less importance to back pain saying that it is a common thing. However, severe back pain can pave the way to health deterioration. Wakefit orthopedic memory foam single mattress with a dimension of 72*30 will be a good choice if you suffer from back pain. If you wake up with a back pain every morning, the probability is quite high that the mattress could be the culprit. Here are some tips to check if the mattress is causing back pain.

Make Note

If you feel back pain every day, then you should start making notes of how frequent are you getting this pain and the exact area of the pain. The most probable area that can affect is your lower back. Once you wake up, you will feel stiffness and pain around the lower back. If you feel that the spasms go by the end of the day or if stretching exercises are giving you relief from the pain, then your mattress is the one to blame for the pain. Getting the right mattress is the only way to get rid of these pains.

Mattress Age

People have the tendency to use the mattress even after the mattresses lifetime. This is because they are reluctant to change the sleeping pattern without knowing that old mattresses can be dangerous to the body. The mattress which you used back in childhood is in no position to hold you when you are an adult. The body needs to rest in its natural posture while sleeping. A study was conducted by giving a new mattress to a group of people who were using an old mattress for a decade. They reported that sleeping on the new mattress gave them little or no back pain and they got sound sleep.

Baggy Mattresses

It is necessary to keep your body in its natural alignment when you sleep. The spine needs to be kept straight while sleeping. In a baggy mattress, the spine will not get the support and it will curve which will block the blood circulation and also result in giving you Kyphosis which cannot be cured. So how will you find if your mattress is sagging? Experts say to keep something firm across the bed. If your hand can go underneath without pressing the mattress down, it means that the mattress is sagging. While sleeping if you feel any hump, or any springs poking through then it is high time that you change the mattress.

Checking The Mattress After Holidays

When you go for holidays and sleep on a different mattress, you will be able to pick up the differences in a jiffy. Once you are back from holidays you can evaluate the difference between the new mattress and your old mattress. Since people are accustomed to sleeping on their old mattress for comfort sake, most of them are reluctant to change the mattress.

Identifying the root cause of back pain is necessary.  The normal lifetime of a mattress is 5- 7 years. So instead of continuing sleeping on your old mattress, change the same after its lifetime so that you can avoid getting back pain. Regular stretches can ease out the back pain to an extent. Studies show that people who sleep on a firm mattress have less back pain and improved sleep quality. So when it is time to change the mattress, give importance to your body and not to the old mattress.

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