Everything You Need to Know About Malnutrition

Everything You Need to Know About Malnutrition

Nutrition is the main way to get strength and energy. The human body has a weakened immune system and functions improperly without minerals, vitamins, and other components obtained from food. Improper nutrition can significantly affect our well-being but these symptoms will not appear immediately. Let’s review the symptoms and health risks of malnutrition.

Causes of Malnutrition

Usually, people who are malnourished when they themselves refuse to eat. This eating disorder is called anorexia. Such people always control their weight and have a fear of gaining extra pounds.

Another cause of malnutrition can be the popularity of various diets promoted by Instagram bloggers. Compliance with any diet should be controlled by a specialist. You can’t just stop eating what you ate all your life and exclude carbohydrates or other components which are important for your body. This will always have serious consequences.

Symptoms of Malnutrition

Not every person understands that he or she is malnourished. Poor nutrition has a cumulative effect and it’s often quite difficult to cope with the consequences. Here are the most common symptoms of malnutrition:

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is when a person gets tired quickly and his/her working capacity decreases. Temporary fatigue turns into chronic. The basis of human strength and energy is nutrition. If we receive an insufficient amount of calories, we’ll constantly feel fatigued.

2. Weak Immune System

A weak immune system is a common symptom in people who are malnourished. Such people get sick often. The problem is that during a diet, the body lacks the nutrients that are needed to maintain the overall health. By the way, malnourished people will probably get various diseases and complications.

When the immune system doesn’t function properly, there is a risk of various health problems and even a simple cold can end up in hospitalization and develop into something more serious. Vitamin therapy and vitamin supplements will help you maintain your overall health and keep the body in good shape.

3. Infertility

Improper nutrition may sometimes cause infertility. Your body starts to spend all the received calories on maintaining important life-supporting functions such as breathing and blood circulation. At the same time, the production of sex hormones decreases and sometimes it completely stops. This causes a lack of sexual desire and problems with conception.

4. Skin Problems

Your body experiences a deficiency of vitamins, including vitamin E, which is needed for beautiful skin. Poor nutrition will lead to dryness and inflammation of the skin.

Complications and Diseases of Malnutrition

There are a number of complications that can be caused by malnutrition. One of the most serious complications is infertility. Many diseases are associated with weight loss like hormonal imbalance. This leads to osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Teenagers often suffer from malnutrition, especially young girls who strive for a slim figure. In this case, malnutrition causes a violation in body growth and development.

Also, complications of malnutrition include fatigue, diseases of the oral cavity, dental problems, weakness of the immune system, anemia, and gastrointestinal diseases. You should be attentive to your nutrition to prevent any complications and diseases.

How to Maintain Proper Nutrition?

It’s necessary to take into account the quality of food and also their calorie content. Using special formulas, you can calculate how many calories per day you need to eat. All the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients should be present in your diet. This will help keep the proper metabolic processes.

Try not to consume a lot of sugar to increase the calorie content. Food should be balanced. In addition, a lot of sugar can lead to heart and blood vessel diseases, diabetes and other problems.

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