Top 15 Mouthwatering Savories from Bihar You Must Try

Top 15 Mouthwatering Savories from Bihar You Must Try

The cuisine of Bihar is as amazing and diverse as the state. Irresistible in taste and healthy, these mouthwatering treats are a must try for all foodies. These dishes have remained untouched by modernity and have preserved the authenticity since years.

Predominantly vegetarian, Bihari cuisine is influenced by Hindu and Buddhist culture. Listed below are the most popular mouthwatering cuisines from the state of Bihar:

1. Litti Chokha

Also referred to as the national dish of Bihar, Litti-Chokha is the most popular of all. Mentioned many times in Bihar tourism articles and Bihar news in Hindi, the dish is baked from wheat flour dough stuffed with a mixture of roasted gram flour, lemon juice and assorted spices, litti is served with chokha (a mixture of baked and pulped vegetables).

2. Anarsa

This is a sweet treat from Bihar. Often served on special occasions such as Diwali, this unique dish is prepared meticulously by experienced hands using jaggery (unrefined cane sugar), ghee, rice, and poppy seed. Rice is soaked in water for 3 days. The water is changed on a daily basis to alleviate fermentation. The rice is then dried and ground into a fine powder and mixed with sugar. Rolled into dough-balls and a layer of poppy seeds, the disks are deep fried in hot ghee. Make sure you get this delectable sweet treat packed for your loved ones on your next trip to Bihar.

3. Thekua/Khajuria

You will find this sweet at every Bihari household all round the year. The snack is prepared from jaggery (or sugar), wheat flour, mixed together, moulded and deep fried.

4. Malpua

A hot favourite among Biharis, Malpua is one sweetmeat you must try. All Biharis swear by this dish for all special events and festivals. The batter for this dish is made by mixing milk, flour, sugar and mashed bananas. It is then deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup.

5. Kadhi-Badi

This savory dish is served on Holi in Bihar. It is quite similar to the Punjabi Kadhi made from gram flour with the badi or pakoras.

6. Balushahi

Balushahis are donut lookalikes (without the customary hole) prepared made from flour and buttermilk. The dish is best served hot and tastes heavenly!

7. Pedakiya

Served mainly during the Teej festival in Bihar, pedakiya is a yummy fried sweet prepared by stuffing flour with suji (semolina), grated coconut and khoya.

8. Parwal-Mithai

Parwal or pointed gourd is a simple vegetable. But Biharis definitely know the art of turning even the simplest of vegetable into a gourmet cuisine. The sweet dish is amazing to taste and prepared by stuffing the pointed gourd with khoya.

9. Laktho

A very common Bihari household snack, this is mostly served during the festival of Dussehra. It is prepared from kneaded rice flour dough and then deep fried. Lastly, it is dipped into thick jaggery syrup. When trying out the best of Bihari cuisines, Laktho is a must have for all!

10. Dal Pitha

Love dumplings? Then you must try out its Bihari version! This scrumptious delicacy prepared from kneaded rice flour and stuffed with spiced Bengal gram paste and
steamed to perfection will win your heart.

11. Kala Jamun

This sweet treat looks amazing and tastes awesome! Prepared from cottage cheese, khoa, milk and sugar, this delectable Bihari meal is a must have for all sweet lovers.

12. Tilkut

A sweet savoury from Biha, the treat is prepared from jaggery and sesame seeds. The most famous varieties of Tilkut are served in Gaya streets. During winter, sugarcane is harvested and Tilkut is prepared in the villages and towns of Bihar. The treat is also closely related to the harvest festival Makar sakranti.

13. Kulcha Burger

The burger craze among youth had finally travelled down to Bihar and resulted in a tummy ‘desi’ version of western burger. Kulcha is healthier and tastier than the American bun. The kulcha burger is light on stomach and tastes heavenly.

14. Sattu

This refreshing drink is the best sources of protein Biharis rely on. Served in the form of Sharbat throughout the state, Sattu is prepared from roasted Bengal Gram. It imparts an instant cooling effect on body especially during summer. Also referred to as ‘poor man’s protein’, sattu is also one of the healthiest drinks of Bihar.

15. Chana Ghugni

A stomach filling, mouthwatering and the cheapest food originated from Bihar, chana ghugni is a must have. The unique way of preparation makes it ideal for serving with almost everything including paranthas, rotis, bread, kulcha, pao and dry chapattis. Traditionally, Ghugni is referred to as ‘ghugri’ in the state of Bihar as it is prepared from white peas (round in shape). You can get this famous snack being served at street stalls and in almost every home across the state.

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