Why Should You Floss Your Teeth Daily?

Why Should You Floss Your Teeth Daily?

Well, many people consider flossing as an optional extra to brushing when it comes to following oral health habits. Flossing is another teeth cleaning method, but it is not optional; instead, it supports brushing. Most of the dentists would advise flossing daily over and above brushing twice. Flossing your teeth will complement your brushing routine; here are valid reasons for the same:

Keeps Bad Breath Away

Food remains getting stuck between teeth and in the gum line may carry bacteria that produce an unpleasant smell. Flossing can aid eliminate the foul odour from your mouth and keep your teeth free from troublesome food particles and give you fresh breath.

Keeps Your Teeth Protected from Gum Disease

The skin portion that covers your teeth is known as gums. When you develop gum infection or inflammation, it is called gum disease. When you fail to take proper care of your teeth, you allow plaque to form, which causes gum disease, and it looks unsightly and stains your teeth. When plaque gradually consumes your soft gum tissue, it causes what is known as periodontal disease.

Besides, when a periodontal disease advances to the next stage, it is called periodontitis, which can result in extreme tooth decay and root canal related issues. That is why it is imperative to protect your teeth from plaque formation, which can be done through flossing daily and regularly. Flossing helps eliminate bacteria at the base of the teeth, which is the most susceptible area of the gums.

Prevent Tartar Formation

Plaque can quickly build-up on your teeth. If plaque not removed, it can solidify and develop into tartar. When you floss your teeth daily, it will help to get rid of plaque that is forming between your teeth and avert tartar build-up at the gum line.

Protective Oral Care

Countless bacteria and other germs can develop in your oral cavity. Always there is a looming threat of bacteria and microorganisms getting caught in between your teeth, especially if you do not look after them by paying attention to your food habits and following right oral care hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing.

When you floss your teeth appropriately, it aids in eliminating food debris and bacteria from the sections that brushing cannot reach, thus, averting bacteria from developing micro-organic colonies in these sections.

Moreover, when you floss your teeth regularly, it can interrupt the bacteria from developing into plaque, which is a yellowish sticky coating substance that can stain and damage your teeth with time. Therefore, brushing and flossing your teeth are essentials of preventative oral care.

Brushing & Flossing for Complete Dental Well Being

When you use both brushing and flossing, then it will provide complete dental well being. Suppose you only brush your teeth and avoid flossing, then it is like washing the outer part of your coffee cup while ignoring the inside walls. Up to 37% of your teeth surfaces stay uncleaned when you only brush and ignore flossing. It’s because the bristles of your toothbrush have limited reach. Conversely, the dental floss can effectively remove food and bacteria that get inside the tight sections between your teeth and gums.

When you need teeth cleaning services or the assistance of an emergency dentist, get in touch with the experienced dental care facility near you.

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