Why You Need to Book an Immediate Appointment for Scalp Facial?

Why You Need to Book an Immediate Appointment for Scalp Facial?

We all have the habit of washing our face once or twice a day or at the very least before we go to bed to remove our makeup. No one would sleep with her makeup still on as this is an accepted fact that sleeping with makeup on can pose a serious damage to your skin. Yet, every day you wake up, go to work, workout, go to sleep, wake up again and then what? With a simple application of dry shampoo you get all ready to go out. How can you differentiate this from sleeping in makeup and piling some more on the very next day? It’s not different, it’s simply gross.

It is commonly known that shampooing every day can damage your locks but it doesn’t mean you will start taking your hair for granted. Scalp cleansing is very essential as unwanted residues of dirt and oil leads to several scalp and hair problems. Expert dermatologists and hair specialists at Vivandi Trichology Center therefore, recommend scalp facials. They offer Deep Scalp Cleansing which is complete scalp detoxification that help removing all the unnecessary impurities. It exfoliates the scalp skin which in turn produce a better and healthy environment for hair growth and nourishment.

Before the treatment, they conduct a close microscopic analysis of your scalp to examine if there is any inflammation, flakiness, redness or any other scalp problem. After proper diagnosis, the therapy gets started. It includes a scalp massage and a scalp mask application as well. This is a really effective treatment that yields visible results.

These cleansing treatments are very essential for our scalp health because we ruin it by excessively using dry shampoos. Dry shampoos are not only used for freshening up the hair but for providing body and hold to the locks as well. In result, cleansing is entirely ignored leaving your hair follicles all clogged up. This clogging not only gives you dull and rough hair but also decreases natural hair growth rate.

Washing your hair every two days is mostly recommended as it is important to clear out all the pollutants and oil residues from the scalp. Secondly, there is a sheer need of limiting the usage of dry shampoos.

Our skin and hair both are very sensitive and are comparatively more prone to environmental pollutants and irritants. Skin is at advantage because we often cover it with makeup, creams and lotions while going out but our hair is totally unprotected. It is important that we take care of our locks and protect them from these pollutants.

Other than this, when it comes to hair health and nourishment, your dietary patterns also matter. Include all the essential nutrients in your diet. Protein, zinc, iron, vitamin A & C, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals are necessary for your overall body health.

Vivandi Trichology Center offers a number of other non surgical hair replacement therapies as well. Their experts provide personalized consultation and treatment methods to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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