Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for Young Families

Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for Young Families

Although Colorado Springs seems like a small town, it is actually quite big as it sits on 194.9 square miles and it has over 465,000 people that call it home. Besides that, it welcomes people from all walks of life, from all needs, and, of course, pockets. Adults can enjoy many pros of this city like a thriving economy, constant job openings, affordable real estate market, etc. And, children can enjoy amazing school districts, safe streets, and parks to play in, as well as many family-friendly places around the town. As you can see, this whole city is amazing! So, if you decide to move to Colorado Springs with your family, your only job would be to choose among the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families. We have prepared some suggestions for you. So, keep on reading if interested.

1. Briargate – number one among neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families

All people who either live in Colorado Springs or somewhere near know how amazing the neighborhood of Briargate is. So, what makes it so special and the number one city on our list? Well, to begin with, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in the entire city. And, on top of that, it prides itself on having one of the most affordable real estate markets too! Houses here are typical family homes with large garages and of course, huge yard. The yards are soo big that many locals started raising horses!

And, another thing that makes this Colorado Springs neighborhood so desirable are all the schools and universities. You will not have to worry about your child’s education at all! Here, there are preschools, elementary and high schools (both public and private) for children of all ages and needs. So, if you like what you hear, call Homegrown Moving Colorado, as houses here do not stay on the market for long.

A family home in one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families.

2. Rockrimmon

The second neighborhood on our ‘best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families’ list, is Rockrimmon. According to all the residents there, this neighborhood is more than perfect for young families! Simply, it offers anything a young and growing family might need. However, what makes this place so unique are the quaint streets and historical homes that date from the 1970s. The moment you step into this neighborhood, you will experience a totally different vibe and see a completely different architecture from what you are used to.

Besides families (especially military families), the neighborhood of Rockrimmon is occupied by a lot of white-collar professionals and small-business owners. So, you get the idea – life here is posh! And with a posh lifestyle comes a hefty price tag. Yes, things are a bit more expensive in Rockrimmon but do not worry, your salary will be higher too. Thus, moving hassle-free to your new home in Rockrimmon will not be anything you would regret.

Parents walking their son in the park.

3. Broadmoor

The third neighborhood among the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families. It is located in the Southwest part of Colorado Springs. And, it could be said, that Boradmooor is the wealthiest neighborhood and the most close-knit community you can find here. Almost all homes resemble mansions, yards are as big tennis fields and have manicured lawns, streets are nostalgically attractive and the crime rates cannot be lower. Moreover, this is also one of those neighborhoods where you can find horses and other bigger animals just roaming the yards of regular people. So, if a country life mixed with all the city necessities is something you are looking for, look no further. Buying a house in 2020 here will not be a mistake.

What makes Broadmore even greater is that it offers quick access to the great outdoors. It is actually very close to all the city’s biggest and the most beautiful parks. And, if you need something high-class, you can always visit The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort, a prestigious place where you can enjoy the spa, pools, tennis course, etc. If your budget allows it, join this all-inclusive neighborhood! Schools are also top-notch as they all offer your children to take advantage of educational technology among other things.

Mother hugging her three daughters

4. Black Forest

Do not worry, there is nothing black about this neighborhood. Quite the contrary! This Colorado Springs neighborhood is very green as it sits on an enormous open space. Houses here are built on 5 to 6 acres of land. So, again, this is another neighborhood great for rural activities. But, what makes it different than the others is the price tag – the price of homes and lands are cheaper when compared to other, previously mentioned neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. So, whether you have a big family or you maybe plan on having a big one in the future, once you buy a home in the Black Forest, you will not have to worry about overgrowing the space you have.

Moreover, as your yard is going to be huge, you will never have to worry about taking your kids to the park – your yard will be the park. They will be able to burn all that energy outside while you tackle your needs inside. Tell them that and you will make your relocation a lot simpler and easier for your kids. But, of course, once you get tired of your own home, you can always visit one of many nearby restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, or shopping malls. So, if you like this proximity to all the city-like features, but still want your children to grow up in the natural surroundings, this woodsy neighborhood of Black Forest may be your perfect choice among neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for young families.

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