DIY Home Improvements: Kitchen Renovation Checklist

DIY Home Improvements: Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Let’s face it, with the high cost of labor, the only way you are going to improve your home is going down the DIY route. You probably know that man-hours make up most of a renovation invoice and with a little skill and the right tools and equipment, you can transform your home little by little. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and a revamp will take a few days, so be prepared for some interior disruption.

Here is our checklist for a major kitchen renovation:

  • Project Plan – Ask any seasoned DIY-er and they’ll tell you that a plan is essential for every major project. Start with a short overview that outlines the changes you are going to make. List all materials, tools, fixtures and fittings and crunch the numbers and come up with a budget for the project. Calculate how much waste you’re going to generate and how you plan to remove it; hiring a dumpster is a solution. Use a computer program to create a 3D design and set a starting date and have everything you need onsite.
  • Tools & Equipment – What you don’t have, you can hire for a short period; borrowing from friends is another option. If you are working above ground, make sure you have a stable working platform and you have protective blankets for floor covering.
  • Online Suppliers – You get the best deals from the online supplier, as they do not have the overheads of a traditional retail store and can usually beat the regular price by at least 15%. For the best countertops, check out the cabinets store in Memphis from a leading supplier. They offer a wide range of natural stone; granite, marble, travertine and quartz and their cabinets are something else!
  • Site Preparation – Having the kitchen out of action for a few days is a major inconvenience and let’s not forget surface preparation. The walls, ceiling and floor need to be sanded with holes filled, then you are ready to start work. Try to pick a dry weekend and you can utilize the driveway as a temporary storage area and let’s not forget the inevitable waste that such a project generates. Click here for a list of suitable tiles for residential walls.
  • Kids & Pets – If you can enlist the help of your parents, they could have the kids for a few days, while the family dog needs to be zoned off somehow. Older children can actually help with menial tasks; why not make it a family experience and have your partner involved? Many hands make light work, or so they say.
  • Design Inspiration – There are apps that you can download onto your laptop to create a 3D design of your new kitchen, or if the budget allows, commission an online kitchen designer to come up with a floor plan that incorporates your ideas.

Here is some US government information on renovating and repairing the home, which is worth reading. We hope this checklist helps you to create the kitchen of your dreams and next year, you can focus on the master bedroom.

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