Indians Get The Best Night’s Sleep When Compared To Other Countries! What’s The Secret?

Indians Get The Best Night’s Sleep When Compared To Other Countries! What’s The Secret?

Whilst India has been winning lots of accolades recently as a growing and successful economy, an interesting insight has confirmed India to top the list for quality sleep. A recent online survey was conducted by KTJ Group, a global marketing research company, on behalf of Philips among 11,006 adults aged 18 and above in 12 countries. It was found that roughly 62% of people across the world felt like they didn’t get enough sleep.

Globally, on average, people sleep for about 6.8 hours per night and about an hour extra over the weekend. A common practice, most people also chose to sleep in more hours over the weekend to catch up on the recommended 8 hours sleep that they miss during the week. The findings confirmed almost 63% fit in this category.

The study steered into critical information like lifestyle factors being determinants to individual sleep patterns.  It was reported that the top 5 reasons that affected all globally and equally were:

  • Worry/Stress(54 percent)
  • Sleep Environment(40 percent)
  • Work or School Schedule(37percent)
  • Entertainment (36 percent)
  • Health condition (32 percent)

So what’s the secret behind good sleep?

A night of good night sleep is imperative for optimal motor and cognitive functioning. Whatever your age, sleep should be recognized as a key contributor to the overall well-being of an individual. Indian mattress manufacturer and sleep experts, like Wakefit, take this seriously and have researched extensively before producing some of the best sleep solutions in the market. These include, but aren’t limited to; mattresses, pillows, fitted sheets, travel neck pillows etc, all of which are sleep quality enhancing. You can even order a mattress online and it’ll get to your doorstep packed- all while at the comfort of your own home. Some tips to encourage sleep are:

Invest in a quality mattress and bedding

This is probably one factor that can single handedly change your sleep experience. Try sleeping on a hard bed and you’ll know beforehand what your day is going to be like tomorrow! Pick a mattress and bedding that supports your entire body with even weight distribution. Having body support avoids any potential aches that can disturb sleep. Choosing from some of the best mattresses in India that has no motion transfer may prove to be a blessing if you are a light sleeper and co-sleep.

Sleep environment

In most parts of India, excluding bustling cities, people retire to their home’s early evening to settle in. Setting the right sleep environment is important because it prepares the brain with the message that you are about to sleep. Do this by unplugging electricals in the room, fixing blackout curtains to darken the room and control room temperature.

Health issues

Get yourself checked for health issues that could disrupt a good night sleep. These include depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, reflux. Getting these checked regularly with medication can help maintain or even eliminate symptoms that can let the sleeper get quality sleep over quantity even.

Allocate work –sleep areas

One of the biggest mistakes we make is bringing work into bed. Lounging in bed and carrying out tasks can trick the brain into believing that even the bed isn’t a place to relax.  It’s important to segregate more so that our bodies sink into deep relaxation on hitting the bed whilst being alert at the desk.


Exercise helps you clock in quality sleep. Indians tend to walk a lot for work and leisurely purposes to local markets. By the evening, you will be just about tired enough to fall asleep at ease.

With so many options readily available, it’s important to follow these to encourage a good night sleep!

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