6 Simple Steps for Minimalist Interior Design

6 Simple Steps for Minimalist Interior Design

Not everyone likes minimalism in the interior. Many think that this style is boring and too simple. Minimalism is best for those who like to maintain a well-ordered house. If your apartment is small but you need high functionality in a minimum occupied space, then minimalism is suitable for you. If you often get tired of the bustle of everyday life and want to relax at home, you need minimalism. Here is a list of steps which will help you add minimalism in an apartment interior.

1. Natural Colors

All the details must be interconnected in minimal design, the color scheme is usually neutral and includes natural shades without bright accents or with a little fleck of one bright color. Today there are a lot of minimalistic forms in red or yellow, but the real philosophy of minimalism is simplicity.

2. Simple and Large Forms

Simple geometry is the basis of minimalism but it’s also a feature of the Scandinavian style. Minimalism implies simple and large forms. The idea is not to make space empty, but to fill it as practical and comfy as possible. Therefore, huge sofas, large-scale storage systems, glass wall dividers, wide beds with a simple decor will be most suitable to create a minimalistic design.

3. Ideal Order

Minimalism doesn’t tolerate mess! You should forget about unnecessary things, open hangers and get a minimum amount of open shelves, convenient and planned storage systems. It’s better to get one big cabinet instead of a lot of small drawers. Minimalism also implies scale and order. Therefore, each item has its own place, each storage system is divided into zones and there are no dark corners with unexpected finds.

4. Concise Decor

Minimalism in decor follows the same rules as the general interior does. Large forms and perfect thoughtfulness are inherent in this style. After all, the decor is needed to attract attention and at the same time not to distract it from the rest of the interior. It’s easier to make a mistake with the selection of art objects in a minimalistic apartment, so it’s better not to experiment and create decor without adding extra decorations at all.

5. Minimum Prints

Minimalism is built on monochromatic and simple details. At the same time, it’s not necessary to make an apartment completely snow-white (although this is quite in the spirit of minimalism). If you want to add a print, you should make sure that it won’t turn into a dominant accent in the room. It’s better to give preference to abstract and geometric ornaments and not to use floral or classic designs.

6. Natural Lighting

Minimalism is not about direct light sources and light bulbs. Any technical imperfections are noticeable among necessary things, minimal decor, and dim patterns. You should try to hide the wires and choose reflected or soft diffused light in the evening and natural in the afternoon.

More windows, fewer curtains, more lamps, but only the most modern elements will create incredible minimalism. It’s also better to replace the chandelier with a backlight around the room.

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