Motorised Awnings or Manual Awnings: Which Is Best for You?

Motorised Awnings or Manual Awnings: Which Is Best for You?

Awnings are an ingenious innovation of the modern-day! Well, you will find many shade systems available in the market; however, awnings are a flexible system that lets you extend your living space, or shade your patio or backyard without overspending.

Most of the Aussie homes have a backyard! That’s because Aussies love to set up an outdoor kitchen and party with family, relatives or friends, or enjoy the outdoors on a lazy Sunday morning. Outdoor awnings let you use the space the way you want while keeping you cosy. From manual to motorised awnings, awnings have evolved quite a lot. Both manual and motorised awnings will get the job done; however, there are reasons for installing motorised awnings.

Is investing in motorised awnings worth it? Let’s uncover by looking at some of the crucial pointers.


Unlike manual awnings, motorised awnings do not come with standing frames or vertical supports that can obstruct your view, so they are more visually attractive. Besides, the framing and supports that accompanies manual awnings also consume more space. You’ll get the most modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing motorised retractable patio awnings.


Motorised awnings offer an array of features and accessories that lets you customise accordingly. Conversely, you cannot customise manual awnings. You can connect the latest motorised awnings with your smart app and operate it through your voice assistant. Some awnings outfitted with sensors, so it retracts and shades per the outside weather and provides you with maximum protection. These innovative settings offer enhanced protection against bad weather conditions and enhanced convenience for managing the waterproof retractable awnings.


Manual awnings cannot match the convenience of motorised awnings. Owners of manual awnings have to crank the lever to extend or retract the awning all the time. Motorized awnings installed on outdoor living spaces do not require manual work because it can operate effortlessly using a remote. You can adjust motorised awnings by pushing a button and continue to relax as the weather changes. It’s that easy!

Final Words

Motorised outdoor awnings come with many benefits when compared to manual awnings! Motorised outdoor awnings are expensive than manual outdoor awnings, but looking at the convenience and personalisation it offers; it is worth the investment.

Choose motorised awnings and start reaping the many advantages it provides. Get in touch with a reputed company that offers different sunshade solutions and personalise your motorised outdoor awnings today. For more detail Kitchen Wrapping visit our website.

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