Worsening Neck Pain Is Your Pillow The Culprit?

Worsening Neck Pain Is Your Pillow The Culprit?

Oh, it is such a bother to wake up on any day with a stiff neck or a neck that hurts so bad that all you want to do is make the pain go away. You could try all sorts of medicines, both ointments or painkillers, physiotherapy and so much more. There is a relief that comes with all these experiments, however as you go to sleep, it happens again! The nagging pain is back as fresh as it was the previous day. So what could be the reason? There must be something wrong that happens when you are asleep. Can you guess who the culprit is? As much as we all love our pillow, it could be the real foe. The size, shape, thickness, as well as material of the Sleeping pillow, has tremendous effects on the neck.

See, while it is all great to lie on your stomach, turn your face to one side, hug your pillow and fall asleep, your spine and neck are being exposed to great danger without you being aware of it.

The natural curvature of the spine changes and your neck is strained.  If you are a person who spends a long time during the day hours working on a laptop or using your phone, the neck is already under constant stress for the bigger part of your 24hrs. You are making it worse by adopting the above-mentioned sleeping position and exposing the neck to greater pressure.

Pillow Tricks that can be adopted to avoid neck pain 

Self-adapting pillows are the best choices

Make use of a pillow that is a cervical contour one.  This type of pillow especially the one manufactured by Wakefit, will give your neck firm support as your head is neither too elevated nor will you have to rest your head in a deep depression. The angle of elevation will be perfect regardless of whether you are lying on your back or any side.

Use Memory Foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are best suited because the heat transmitted from your body does not have a noticeable effect.  So you will feel cool and have a deeper sleep. When you relax in a cool condition, you simply tend to drowse off and get into a sound sleep. A memory foam pillow is one of the most sought out and the best pillow online as well as in shops as it is great for lulling you into a wonderful slumber.

Avoid buckwheat pillows

These pillows are sometimes compared to a bean bag. The hulls within have a lot of air stuck in between, While they are cost-effective and great for travel, using them on a long term basis causes discomfort as they produce unnecessary sounds during your sleep. As you tend to move your head around, the hulls also shift position causing these sounds. Like the beans in a bean bag move around, the hulls also move and you lose the support which was once comfortable.

Avoid feather pillows

Feather pillows feel great in the beginning, however, the feathers move along with the movement of your head and suddenly the support is gone!

Choose the right pillow

Opt for a pillow that is not too jammed or too feathery. As you lay your head on the pillow, your neck should experience strong support. The strain should disappear and you will wake up the next morning without any discomfort in your neck.

So now it is clear that a pillow can cause your neck problem to worsen. An ideal pillow should fill in the gap between your mattress and head. The neck should be supported firmly and you should experience stability. Wakefit is one of the best online sites which provides you with comfortable pillows. Choose your perfect pillow and get ready for an awesome night.

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