Can I Possibly Find Out Who Stalks My Insta Profile?

Can I Possibly Find Out Who Stalks My Insta Profile?

Instagram is a pretty happening social media platform where people share a lot of things about what’s happening in their lives in the form of photos, videos, stories and so on… Instagram marketing trends in 2021 is shaping the future

Now, while Instagram is a smash hit today, there are certain things to be cautious about it! You must have already heard of stalkers and the worry that they can cause if you don’t pay attention from day one itself. It is important to keep a tab on people who are visiting your profile and watching your stories, this needs to be done solely for security reasons.

We all love to surf through different posts and videos without following the pages or profiles we like because this way our feed remains less chaotic. Well, I am being honest with you, there are profiles I like but I don’t follow those, I do watch their updates, pictures, and stories but yes, I ultimately don’t follow them, I might sometimes like their posts but that’s it and believe it or not many Instagram users are like me who love to surf through and that’s that. You might want to find out who all follow your profiles. And finding out a stalker is not a difficult task; but at the same time, the reality is that Instagram cares about the privacy of its users, so finding out exactly who visited your profile is not really possible directly. However, you can use certain Insta stalker apps like Snoopreport, to fetch this information.

However, in case of a business account, you can view how many visits your page got in a week. You can check who visited your profile and checked your posts, mind you, these are people who don’t follow your profile but check your posts regularly, and so they can qualify as your Insta stalkers can’t they? You can also check how many of your followers have checked your posts appearing in their feed. Instagram’s strict privacy policy doesn’t allow you to view all the data that it gathers.

Not all the applications that promise to reveal stalkers actually work in reality. In many cases, these applications actually show you stray profiles. Also, remember one thing that if you use just any application, they can get your private information and that is scary. So always try to judge the authenticity of these applications before you use them. Using reliable apps like Snoopreport is always recommended in such cases.

If you really want to see who all are viewing your stories then post a story and swipe it. You must have noticed the eyeball icon right? You have to click on it to view the entire list of people who have watched the story; this list might have profiles that don’t follow you. This is applicable only for Instagram stories.

If you feel someone is harassing you then you can always block the person. If you want you can also keep your stories hidden from the public because the bottom line is Instagram is very private and safe, it doesn’t let anybody’s sensitive information leak out.

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