How to Use Apple’s New Translate App on iPhone

How to Use Apple’s New Translate App on iPhone

With iOS 14, Apple is pre-installing a Translate app on the iPhones and iPads. The new app has the capabilities to translate text or voice from one language to another. Apple claims, no data will be shared to keep conversations private and within Apple’s servers. Right now, the interpretations are for twelve languages, and more world dialects will be added later via OTA updates. Apple has added some interesting features like “Automatic Detection,” Offline translations, and you can even convert text into text or speech.

Siri has also been integrated to work with the Translate app, which means you can summon the voice assistance to interpret your voice into another language. Arabic, Chinese, English (UK & US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish will be available from launch, and all of them will be available to download so you can use the app without the internet.

Similarly, a translate icon will be available for the Safari web browser to translate texts on a website to another language. However, this feature will be available only in the US and Canada for now, and Apple says, “support for other regions will be added later.” Following is a break-up of all the features and a guide on how to use them.

Convert text to text

The new app from Apple gives you the option to convert text from one language to another. Open the app and tap on the language selection tab on top the screen and select your source and target languages, for example, English (UK) to Arabic. Tap the Enter text and type the conversation that you wish to translate then tap “Go.” The text on both languages will be displayed.

Convert voice to voice

To turn speech into speech, you will have to tap the “microphone” icon to enable detection. Speak into the microphone, and the machine learning-based application will hear you out and convert it into the target language. You can replay the audio and can save it by adding it into your “Favourite” list.

Using “Hey Siri”

Apple’s AI-based voice assistant can be summoned to translate your voice into another language. It can be done by saying “Hey Siri” or by long-pressing the lock/home screen button and saying “Translate”. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the target language and speak.

Offline Translations

The application gives you the option to download the entire language on your iPhone or iPad that can help you translate without an internet connection. This is relatively handy while travelling abroad, and you do not have access to WiFi or Mobile Data. Offline translation works with text and speech.

The iOS 14 that’s around the corner promises new and improved software updates to iPhones and iPads. With the additional features like home screen widgets, added customization levels and advanced security and privacy will set this OS apart.

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