9 Mixer Tap Advantages for Your Kitchen & Laundry

9 Mixer Tap Advantages for Your Kitchen & Laundry

Are you having a tough time trying to balance your cold and hot water taps? Don’t waste your precious time and efforts anymore – Buy the right kitchen mixer taps to get the right water instantly.

Mixer taps are now widely used than individual pillar taps. Inside of a mixer tap, both cold and hot water flows in and mixes before it is poured out of a single spout. Mixer taps are perfect for bathrooms and basins. To decide why you should consider mixer taps for your bath, basin, kitchen sink and even laundry space, just take a quick look at 9 Advantages of Mixer Taps listed below:

1. Mixer Taps are Easy-To-Use & Offer Great Convenience:

Kitchen Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are perfect for both bathroom and kitchen as they are effortless to use and choosing levered type will make it easier. Levered mixer taps work with simple flicks, so you can control them with your hand. This is wonderful if you find using the standard taps difficult or you’re trying to multitask.

When you have separate pillar taps, you have to mix hot and cold water manually to different degrees in the basin or bathtub to obtain the desired level of warm water. On the other hand, a mixer tap lets you set the temperature as it runs from the taps. Whether you are using a washing machine, or shaving, or bathing using water as it comes out of the tap, a mixer tap makes it simpler to control the water temperature accurately.

2. Economy/ Savings:

Economy/ Savings

Normally, mixer taps are equipped with a flow limiter, as this help in preventing too much water from being drawn from the cold and hot pipes at a time. In reality, you’re probably going to use less of hot water while mixing it into a single flow, which is beneficial for both, the environment and your energy bills.

3.Flexibility/ Adaptable:

Flexibility/ Adaptable

Whether you want to use mixer taps on a basin, bath or a kitchen sink, mixer taps can smoothly work on all of them. If you like, you can also mishmash – for instance, install separate cold and hot taps on the basin and a mixer tap on the bath. Mixer taps can be more flexible when you add a shower mixer, letting you change between the flow from a shower attachment and the taps. This can be hand-held or installed to build a shower bath and is especially helpful where there isn’t space for an individual bath and shower area.

Moreover, spray heads can be fitted to mixer taps that will make washing dishes easier. Alternatively, you can use pull out spouts, so you can get the water where you want it to come out.



When you want to have a bath, the added control of a mixer tap can be very handy. With mixer tap, all you have to do is, set the most favorable temperature and just let the bath flow by itself. However, never forget about it altogether and turn off the lever/knob when not required. This lessens your work, as when you use separate taps, you need simultaneously opening both – the cold and hot water taps (wherein you need to open the hot water tap completely while the cold water should be opened less). It can be tough to get the right mix and people have to keep checking back or stand guard.

5.Purposeful Style Feature:

Mixer taps provide a sleek and smooth look compared to separate cold and hot water taps. The handles/knobs also come in different styles – right from conventional rotating handles to modern-stylish levers that are pulled up/down for controlling the water flow. If you desire to have a wall-mounted mixer tap, then take no worries, as you’ll get that too.

6.Stunning Designs:

Mixer taps come in a variety of designs and are sure to suit any type of home, modern and contemporary or old and traditional-styled home. Design styles you get in mixer tap include curved, modular and geometric designs, as well as, bridge-style taps.

7.Generous Material and Finish Choices:

You can choose from a range of material and finish options that include gold plating, brass, brushed steel, stainless steel, porcelain, pewter and nickel plating. Besides, you can pick from eternal chrome plating or elegant classic finish.

8. You Can Add Features to the Mixer Taps:

You can fit different features to your mixer taps making them even more useful options for your kitchen. For instance, fit them with a water purifier, so you can drink filtered, clean water directly from the tap, or use the clean water for washing fresh fruits and vegetables.

9.Reduces Water Wastage:

A thermostatic mixing valve lets you set the required temperature, so when you turn the tap on you get the water at the right temperature instantly, reducing water wastage. Moreover, you’ll get WELS rated, water-efficient taps that are environmentally friendly and helps to preserve our planet.

Final Words:

The mixer tap is a trendy tapware alternative for the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom with different choices to go with your baths, showers, basins and kitchen sinks. You can make things easier with modish and instantaneously enjoyable mixer tap and forget your baths, showers or tap water that used to be too cold or too hot. Mixer taps blend the latest technology and modern style to your renovation and they are designed to able to combine cold and hot water to your desired temperature.

If you want to achieve a traditional look for your home renovation, then choose from an array of vintage (classic) inspired designs such as Victorian, and select from a variety of metals like copper, nickel, chrome and rose gold. On the other hand, if you’re after contemporary style, you can choose an ideal tapware from an array of mixers in matt blacks, brushed metals and whites having sharp lines.

The bottom line is if you’re after mixer taps to complete your kitchen renovation, you’ll find beautiful and efficient mixer taps for your style at leading retail and online taps stores.

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