The Perfect Granite Worktop Colours for Your Kitchen

The Perfect Granite Worktop Colours for Your Kitchen

Granite, since time immemorial, has been the preferred choice of material for a great kitchen worktop. Despite its cost; its distinctive properties of durability, heat resistance, ease of cleaning, and value addition to the home are the reasons why people keep coming back to granite. Just like other minerals including gold, granite retains its value across the years, making it a sound investment for any property.

But it is not just these advantages that makes granite so favoured by the masses. Granite is also known to enhance your kitchen whilst providing a unique natural look.

Moreover, you can get granite worktops in a huge range of colours and patterns. You can complement any style with the right colour and pattern of granite. Since there are so many different patterns available for the same shade of granite, no two kitchens with granite worktops will ever look alike. Granite can also come with small specks and sparkles that catch the light at certain angles. And it can also come with striking veined-like patterns with exotic looks. Granite has been used throughout history starting with some of the very first records by the Egyptians. It is a highly durable stone with great versatility. This ensures that you always discover something new about your granite worktop. In this article, we will discuss a few colours for granite worktops that will suit any kitchen.

White Granite:

A white granite worktop will brighten up any kitchen. It can even make a small kitchen look bigger than it is. Please keep in mind that white granite is never just plain white. There are patterns and specks that give it character and that will also add dimension to your kitchen. You can pair white granite worktops it with dark cabinets. Or you could also go for an all-white theme, which looks divine. Similarly, some shades of white can wash out your kitchen. So, it would be better if you get a few samples and test it out in your kitchen before making the purchase. Since white granite is a natural material, it is recommendable to ask your stone supplier to show you images of the slabs to choose from. And with any reputable stone and worktop supplier, they should also be able to arrange an appointment so you can select your granite surfaces in person.

Sensa granite Bianco Antico

The above image shows a kitchen island in Sensa granite Bianco Antico

Black Granite:

Most people choose black granite kitchen worktops purely because it is easy to maintain. Black granite worktops are also preferred because they are easier to pair it with other colours. Correspondingly, black granite is like a black diamond. It makes the kitchen look sleek and elegant. Black granite is better suited for larger kitchens as it doesn’t attract as much light as white granite. You can pair it with light coloured cabinets to achieve a contrasting look. It is recommended to keep in mind that whilst black granite in a polished finish is functional, the same in a honed finish may not be. This is because granite, just like any dark honed surface, may show grease and water marks when is it completely plain. For this reason, if you are planning to have black granite honed worktops, it is advisable to choose a material that comes with patterns, as it will disguise any marks best.

Black Pearl Kitchen worktops

Black Pearl Kitchen worktops from the Granith range

Green Granite:

Green is an earthy colour. It works very well with brown wooden cabinets. Green is a relaxing colour, and it creates a very natural feel in the kitchen. Green also works better with bronze fixtures rather than steel ones. Another great thing about the colour green is that green granite usually has patterns in black or brown. You can match the colour of the cabinet with the colour of the pattern to achieve a more coordinated look. Green granite worktops will provide a natural yet exquisite look to any kitchen in which it is applied.

Verde Floresta Granite worktops

Verde Floresta Granite worktops

Beige Granite:

If you want a lighter feel to the kitchen and think that white feels too risky, then beige may be the colour for you. Beige usually comes with some shades of brown, black, or grey. Beige also works very well with light to dark coloured cabinets. In addition, beige also provides a more classic and traditional look to the kitchen. This is a colour that will never go out of style. If looks were not enough, you’ll be glad to hear that beige granite worktops are one of the best at concealing daily marks. It also means that beige worktops are easier to clean and maintain than many other colours of granite.

Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen worktops

Sensa Taj Mahal kitchen island and worktops in a contemporary kitchen

Choose the Perfect Colour for Granite Worktops:

When you try to get the perfect colour for your granite worktop, the options can overwhelm you sometimes. It is better to have an idea about the theme you want to follow for your kitchen. Then, you can get a few samples and test it out in your space and see which one looks best. Granite worktop aren’t the cheapest item out there, and there is no room for error when it comes to choosing the colour. The colours mentioned above are classic, and evergreen and you can never go wrong with them.

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