Top 5 Solution for a Small Kitchen Space

Top 5 Solution for a Small Kitchen Space

When you have a small kitchen space, you experience a lot of difficulties in doing your tasks like cooking, cleaning, and decorating. In most cases, you do not have enough entryway or passage when you have to clean the kitchen after cooking.

Apart from that, you cannot make use of the large kitchen appliances for your cooking because the area is limited. Another problem that you might experience in a small kitchen is that you do not have proper waste management.

How do you manage a small space to maximize your cooking experience?

If you are a kitchen enthusiast and loves cooking, this article is for you. Here, we will look into the most effective ways to solve the problems you might experience in a small kitchen space.

1. Use under shelf/sink storage

We love the minimalist design, and it is one of the practical solutions we love to share.

With that said, you can maximize the space below the kitchen sink and self with the help of under storage products. You no longer have to worry about where you put your utensils, dinnerware, and kitchenware with the aid of these products.

When you have an under storage, you will not have to consider getting an upper cabinet for your kitchen. You will be able to save that area for decoration, lightings, and exhaust or kitchen hood fan for a better cooking experience.

You can check on for the best under sink/shelf storage, kitchenware, small and large kitchen appliance, etc.

2. Use under kitchen counter bin

We always recommend that you place a trash bin in your kitchen for proper waste segregation. The purpose of this is to keep your kitchen clean all the time. When you are cooking, you do not want to put all the waste in the sink. Otherwise, you will experience clogging when the pipe sink is damaged. And it is more costly to repair it.

But if you have a small pace, then you might not think of getting a kitchen bin. However, we offer the best solution for you, and that is under the kitchen counter bin.

They are very affordable and space-saving because you only have to store them under the counter table. Lastly, this kitchen bin is easy to clean.

3. Spiced racks/DIY racks

Another minimalist option for your kitchen is to get your spices and condiments with racks to optimize the space on your kitchen counter.

If possible, you can try a do-it-your own spice rack. All you need is a little DIY tool, knowledge about DIY, woodcutting skills, and a little paint for creative design.

Racks can be placed either on top of the kitchen or the wall.

4. Use multi-storage cabinets

When you install cabinetry in your kitchen, select the design that has plenty of storage and doors. From there, you can effortlessly utilize the space using an organizer, which is one of the solutions we presented above.

The best place in the kitchen to put a cabinet is below the kitchen counter. There is no need to put an upper kitchen cabinet if the area is limited.

5. Bright lights and proper ventilation

Finally, use bright (white) lights to illuminate your kitchen instead of the yellow lights. The reason for that is it creates a psychological effect that helps you think your kitchen has extra space. This idea will help you move instead of feeling suffocated for lack of space.

As for the proper ventilation, choose a wall or ceiling mounted fan and kitchen hood. That is why we advised you to put all storage under the kitchen counter and avoid putting the upper cabinet.

Final phrases:

For all kitchen enthusiasts, we encourage you to check on a few more kitchen ideas on the internet. All we want is that you will not limit yourself from doing what you love just because you do not have enough space in your kitchen.

Additionally, we have to make sure that we can maintain order and cleanliness in the kitchen at all times, so that we can cook our favorite meal at ease.


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