How to Choose the Right Design of Custom Shipping Boxes

How to Choose the Right Design of Custom Shipping Boxes

Are you concerned about the safety of your products while moving? Well, you do not have to worry anymore; sustainable packaging solutions can solve all your problems. While there are different types of shipping boxes available, most people would opt for the custom shipping boxes. However, choosing the right type of custom shipping box is often a problem for many. Knowing the basics can help in making your overall selection process simple and smooth. Here is everything you must know about the custom shipping boxes.

Reasons to Choose Custom Shipping Boxes

Not everyone has the same requirements when it comes to packaging solutions. While some would choose custom molded pulp packaging, others may prefer the custom cardboard boxes. It all depends on the requirement as well as the preference of the individuals. Based on your application, you can select the right one. Moreover, if you are into business, custom shipping boxes hold more value to promote your brand better. Along with highlighting your brand, it helps in providing quality information to potential customers.

Popular Designs of Custom Shipping Boxes

When it comes to custom shipping boxes, it is available in several designs. Some of the most sought-after designs are:

  1. Regular Slotted Cartoons

The regular slotted cartoons are the common choice among the people. It is a standard corrugated box that can be used for several purposes. Generally, people use such cartoons for storing things at home or for commercial purposes. The versatile design of this box is the main reason for its growing demand.

  1. Die-Cut Cartoons

If you are into a garment business, the die-cut cartoon is the right choice for you. It proves to be quite useful for shipping garments. However, this cartoon can also be used for other purposes. It comes with die-cut slots and a fold-up top along with the tabs that lock the box.

  1. Colour Corrugated Boxes

Colour corrugated boxes are usually the printed boxes that are customized as per your specific requirement. It is especially useful for business purposes. It helps in creating enhanced unboxing experiences.

  1. Full Overlap

When you are looking for sustainable packaging solutions with extra strength, full overlap boxes are the right option. These boxes are ideal for shipping wine bottles, books, and other heavy goods.

  1. Half-slotted Container

The half-slotted containers are quite same as the regular-slotted boxes. However, the main difference is that the half-slotted containers do not come with the top flaps. It is a cost-effective solution for storing files, vinyl records, and more.

  1. One-piece Folder

For shipping the flat objects, the one-piece folders are the ideal choice. Whether you want to ship your fragile mirror or the delicate and expensive artwork, the one-piece folder is the right option to go with.

How to Choose the Right Custom Box?

While selecting the right design for your custom box, there are several factors that you need to consider. Some of the most important factors are:

  1. Size of the Product

Size of the product you want to ship is an important factor in determining a custom shipping box design you want. This can help in avoiding oversized boxes. Moreover, considering the product size will enable you to identify how spacious or tight the shipping box should be. Make sure to determine the external as well as the internal dimension of the box you want. Knowing these dimensions will ensure a proper fit and prove useful during the calculation of delivery costs.

  1. Type of Product

The type of products you want to ship also matters while choosing the custom shipping boxes. When you want to ship medicines, food products, and other perishable items, you must consider the shipping boxes that can offer proper insulation. For fragile and breakable items, make sure to choose the custom shipping boxes with extra layers of protection. When you are shipping hand-made goods and clothing, you must choose the custom shipping boxes with added padding. In case you are shipping any kind of heavy items, select the boxes with high strength.

  1. Material Category of Products

Whether the products you are shipping falls in the material category of UN hazardous or not also matter. While the hazmat boxes require a longer lead time, the non-hazmat boxes can be made available in much less time.

  1. Budget

While focusing on all the other factors, make sure not to forget about the budget. It is important to decide on a budget and stick to it. As custom shipping boxes are available in wide price ranges, you can easily select the one that fits your budget the best.

Apart from all these factors, consider the strength of the custom shipping boxes you are looking for. Also, determine whether your shipping boxes require custom printing. Considering all these factors can help you in making the right choice of custom molded pulp packaging solutions. However, availing of the custom shipping boxes is not easy. Make sure to connect with the right company to get the boxes exactly the way you want.

For business owners, the custom shipping boxes are a must-have to enhance better brand awareness. Custom shipping boxes are evolving as a popular marketing technique among businesses. Irrespective of the type of business you are in, make sure to select the best custom shipping box that speaks of your brand to the target customer.

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