Top Best Packaging Cartons to Increase the Product Demand
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Top Best Packaging Cartons to Increase the Product Demand

Top Best Packaging Cartons to Increase the Product Demand

We agree that packaging is an inevitable part of your product marketing. It adds in the immense value of your product in the market and appeals your valued customer. We always tend to mold our packaging into different shapes, printings and colors. But often compromise the value of the product keeper that works silently to enhance our packing skills to grab the taker’s attention.

These silent product keepers are the packaging boxes that project the powerful exterior for your product and provide with enough space to apply different attention grabbing designs for the fast turnaround of your products.

To increase your product turnaround and positive customer feedback, here we present 5 different types of packaging boxes. You can use them in any desired shape and size you want to make your product better or even stand out among the rest.

Top Best Types of Packaging Boxes/ Cartons  

Here we present you 5 considerable types of packaging boxes that are widely used in the marketing field. You can use any of them as per your requirement or desire through CPP Boxes.

Folding Cartons

These are cartons or folding boxes which are made from a single foldable sheet of board paper. In the market, these boxes are being made from the corrugated board paper board and fiber board. The pizza box in which you receive your take away Pizza is the finest example of this box type.

Rigid Cartons

The shoe brands from where you purchase your shoes use this box type to cover them. These are the box type which have a different part of top and bottom. These are also available with the name of telescopic boxes.

CPP Boxes

These boxes are also used to pack the electronic appliances and clothing items in the market

Corrugated Cartons

These are one of the most widely used boxes in the market. These are very cost effective and light in nature.  However, they readily provide with great help in handling the high packaging products.

These boxes mainly consist of a 2 layered structure made with a good quality paper.  These boxes are also designed with a good quality board paper to mold them into 3 walls. These 3 walled corrugated boxes are widely used in shipping industries.

The best thing about these corrugated cartons lies in their recyclability and reliability.

Boxboard Cartons

These kinds of boxes are made with a premium quality paper board having considerable thickness. These boxes weigh around 250 GSM grammage. These boxboard cartons are designed in different shapes with different colors of premium paperboards. These are then handed over to the retail companies to pack retail boxes.

These boxes are widely used in the packaging of the important products like toys, mobiles, gadgets, cigarettes, and other liquor products.

The best thing these boxes have is that these are water resistant and highly protective for the products.

Aseptic Cartons

These are one of the most protective type of cartons which are widely used in the packaging of the daily food products. The reliability and the protective nature of these boxes are acquired through the multilayered structure.

The box quality is greatly enhanced through the aseptic layer that can easily withstand the high temperatures and protects the food from oxidation.

That’s why, these boxes are widely used to preserve the texture, taste and flavor of the food items on long term basis. These aseptic cartons are thus extensively used to preserve soups, desserts, milk, baby milk and fruit juices.

However, these cartons are not recyclable like the other ones

Gable Top Cartons

These are also made aseptic through the multilayered material. These are mostly used to package the liquor products such as milk and juice.  These are made from the top class “polyethylene- coated” paperboard. Sometimes, the foil laminate is also used to increase its sturdiness.

The Gable Top Cartons are almost structurally similar to the aseptic boxes and work in the same way.  However, these cartons have a separate cap on the top end which makes it very easy to open the box.

This top lid on the box also makes them reusable to store your liquor for the long term.

Egg Cartons

Eggs are one of the most important components of our everyday food. These are very delicate and we have to take extra care to transport and preserve them.

So the specially designed Egg cartons are used for this purpose. These boxes not only provide with enough space for egg placement but also protect them from possible breakage.

Sliding Box Cartons

These are the portable boxes that consist of two separate pieces. These boxes consist of several liners and sleeves sliding in different directions. Many of us don’t know that this box type is the beautiful variant of the rigid boxes. These are also known as the sliding boxes or the drawer boxes because its parts open and close like the drawers.

These boxes stand out as one of the most desired or liked boxes with different opening and closing style. You just pull the outer part towards you to open it and push it back to close it.

Another striking feature of this packaging is its premium quality and durability. These boxes are in great demand in the market for the top-class and upscale items like electronics, books, CDs, Jewelries, and other related items.

These are also used by the public to pack beautiful goodies or presents for the loved ones.

Pick up whatever you feel suitable and best in quality and reliability.


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