4 Rules Of Wedding Etiquette That You Shouldn’t Neglect

4 Rules Of Wedding Etiquette That You Shouldn’t Neglect

Etiquette is a form of behavior, the rules governing the external manifestations of attitude towards others. This is a set of requirements for the form of appeals to people, greetings, demeanor, and clothing. Modesty, restraint, attention, tactful behavior in the company, delicacy, and control over your actions are considered good manners.

But if the behavior causes negative emotions in others, causes anxiety, and interferes with other people, it can be considered as bad manners. This includes the habit of talking loudly, the absence of constraint in expressions, categorical judgments, rudeness, cheeky and immoderate gesticulation, lack of tact, foul language, etc.

A wedding celebration requires knowledge of etiquette. This is necessary in order not to spoil this bright holiday and to feel at ease among the guests. There may be many situations requiring etiquette at a wedding. Here is the list of four rules of wedding etiquette that you shouldn’t neglect.

1. Maintain the proper dress code

It seems that the most significant rule regarding clothing is to follow the bride’s directions. Most brides clearly indicate the dress code in their invitations and guests should pay attention to those wishes. But there is one common etiquette rule for wedding guests. They shouldn’t wear white! White color should be owned by the bride during the whole wedding. So you shouldn’t wear white at somebody’s wedding under any circumstances. It is well known that the bride may choose some shade of white for that great day, and all guests are expected to be in other shades to make her a spotlight.

2. Bring a gift 

It is obligatory to bring a gift when attending a wedding. The exception is only when the couple asks the guests not do it. But there are some etiquette rules for wedding gifts when a couple can ask for gifts and you may experience excitement if you get demand for a gift. Couples should never include this information into their wedding invitation. It is better to use the attached card instead, which leads guests to their wedding site. When it comes to gifts, give what you can afford, based on your common sense. Whether you sent a gift to the couple’s house and want to know if it was received, you can receive a thank you letter within a few weeks.

3. Let the professionals work

Most of the modern smartphones are able to take really great pictures and videos. But almost every guest with this device is completely sure that he or she can make an excellent picture of the wedding ceremony. The problem is that they often interfere with a real wedding photographer and videographer. It is actually a quite common situation and many couples can’t get professional pictures that they paid for. In order to avoid this, be sure that a professional photographer is not going to take the same shot. And don’t upload wedding photos into the network until the couple does this.

4. Save your big news for another time

The case that a guest made a loud announcement at someone’s weddings seemed to be a breaking of wedding etiquette. It is even worth to get one more reminder. Don’t make a proposal, an announcement about your engagement or your pregnancy, or any other important announcements at the wedding of another person. It’s just impolite to a couple because everyone is there to celebrate their wedding and not anyone’s else occasion. It is their personal holiday and even if you think they agree, don’t steal their moment.

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