The Bachelor’s Checklist for Stress-Free Apartment Life

The Bachelor’s Checklist for Stress-Free Apartment Life

You’ve got a great job away from your hometown, and found a lovely apartment in Palakkad and you’re in the process of settling in. Living by yourself for the first time can be exciting and scary at the same time. It’s a lot of freedom, and a lot of responsibility. The novelty can wear out pretty soon, and the road ahead can seem daunting. Read on to learn how you can have a pleasant, stress free apartment life.

  • Budget your expenses: At the start of the month, make a budget, and STICK to it! You have to pay not only the rent, but utilities bills, grocery bills, laundry bills – and then you need to have some for entertainment like movies, eating out and so on. Use an expense app like Mint to see where your money is going so that you can cut down unnecessary expenses, and live within your salary.
  • Learn to Shop for one: Don’t stock up on ready to eat foods, and limit your take away orders. At the supermarket, buy groceries for a week’s meals at a time. Make sure to buy limited quantities of dairy, vegetables, eggs, meat and dry groceries so that wastage is minimal.
  • Be organized: it’s easy to fall into the rut of piling up clothes before washing, going for days without cleaning the apartment and so on; clutter in your Palakkad flat can cause depression. It can also make you late to office, as you could spend time searching for things you need.
  • Be secure: Keep a knife, cricket bat or similar object by your bedside when you go to sleep. Though apartments provide security, you need to be careful always – especially if you’re a woman. You can also install a safety app on your Smartphone. Install webcams at strategic points inside your apartment as CCTVs, especially if you have home maids coming in when you’re at work.
  • Don’t advertise your situation: Most of us post every detail of our lives on social networks without thinking much about it; don’t ever let on that you’re living along and hand out invitations to intruders and pranksters. Even in face to face conversations, there is no need to mention that you’re living along, or to divulge details of your routine; and if you’re going away on vacation or to visit your parents, never reveal that. Arrange with regular delivery people to hold deliveries till you return; seeing papers/magazines piled up outside your door is a dead giveaway.

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