How To Perform SEO For New Website

How To Perform SEO For New Website

So you have just launched a new website and waiting for traffic to come.

Indeed your website looks attractive and the theme matches your brand. But that doesn’t mean people will find your site anyhow, just because it’s live.

You better have a plan ready for new website SEO, same as a marketing strategy before launching Products.

The point is- you need to create several online doors from where traffic can connect with your website. You can acquire traffic using search engines, social media, or even paid campaigns.

And the most efficient way of attracting new visitors is via Organic traffic.

seo for new website

It’s always better that people find your services at the time when they need it most. Organic visits working on the same rule.Searchers with buying intent look for services and you better to present at the moment.

Performing SEO enables your new website shown over the targeted keyword with differentiated search intent.

And the great’s completely free.

All you need to do is to perform some on-site changes and off-site activities to make it happen. But before that SEO plan is must, as this involves a lot of things to do.

Here sharing the new website SEO plan that can start working on right away:

1 Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most crucial part of any seo strategy whether it’s for the first time or optimization.

Targeting the right keywords results in getting relevant traffic to your website. Here relevant traffic means the targeted audience.

Keywords are directly related to the searcher’s intent.

As per your Blog posts and services pages, you research for informational and transactional keywords.

By targeting an Informational query, you provide information that searchers’ looking for. When your aim is to sell something and wishing that potential buyers find you, here the transaction keyword will help.

Google keyword planner provides keywords with search volume, competition level, and traffic estimation data. That’s the base for your entire SEO plan.

2 Content creation

Content equals information. Every search queries happen is for information.

You can provide information in any form…it can be in Blogs, articles, web content, audio-video content, or images and infographics and all.

But the important thing is, it has to be quality content.

Quality content is the one that achieves two goals together, it improves engagement and content searchability.

When you have quality information on-site that gives answers a searcher looking for. In-depth content improves user experiences and trust in Brand.

Meaning, you need to start creating quality content that your readers like to read and google like to prefer.

3 On-page SEO 

Before you think about the link building strategies and rushing to create links, there are some optimization your website needs.

Just like authority links, On-page optimization is also making a positive impact on search ranking.  Changes needed in your website…to make it search-friendly.

Here some on-page elements to focus on…

  • Headings:

Use the heading tags wisely. Heading informs Google what your page is about. There are multiple heading tags from h1, h2, h3..h6.

Apply target keyword variations where possible in heading tags. That supports the main title and web page.

  • Alt tags: 

Every image on your website must have an alt tag. This informs a crawler that what image is about.

Place a targeted keyword in it, when the image is appropriate to the content.

  • URL structure: 

Make sure that your page and post URLs are short and recognizable. As is easy to access for users and robots.

Target keywords in URL also give minor SEO advantages, but still, it helps readers with easily recognizable post URL.

  • Optimum keyword usage: 

Keyword is the main concern for the page ranking. But don’t stuff them anyway.

Use keywords in the content body naturally and maintain the keyword density score.

  • SEO title: 

From the home page to every single webpage make sure you have added SEO titles to all.

This will show in the SERP when your page showed up.

  • Meta description: 

The meta description illustrates a short paragraph about the web page.

You have 160-word limits to describe your page information, with the targeted keyword within.

If you have a WordPress website then a plugin called Yoast and All in one seo helps to make on-page optimization easy.

  • Internal linking

Internal linking is also an SEO ranking factor.

When you internal link your website, you connect all web pages with the targeted keywords. Internal linking makes crawling faster.

Also, it passes trust to other low ranking pages within your website.

You have that multiple blog post and link to other posts helps the reader to reach a detailed article over a particular subject. That improves visitors’ time on site.

  • Mobile optimized website

Due to increasing mobile searches, Google prefers to rank those websites that are optimized for small screens.

If you are using a WordPress theme, most of the themes are mobile-friendly by default.

You can check how your website performs on mobile with this tool:

  • Google’s mobile-friendly test
  • GT Metrix

AMP pages are the one step ahead than by default optimized theme. When you create AMP pages, it synchronizes all the page data and files according to the mobile space. Result…your website works faster than expected.

  • Site structure

Though the new website does not have that many pages and posts but still, it’s a requirement to have a proper site structure.

Better for users and crawlers to know how many pages your website has.

If you have broad product ranges, make sure that you categorize each within relevant product groups, same for the multiple blog posts with relevant tags and content types.

Visitors can find out how many pages are there and access easily on-site with an HTML sitemap.

Like a location map, Sitemap (HTML) informing users and (XML) crawlers about the actual pages, posts available in your site.

Also read: On-page SEO: Behind The Scenes

4 Link building

Links are like trust in the website. The more quality links pointing to your site, chances for rankings are high.

Prefers quality over quantity while creating a link to websites. You have those numerous links to site from the low-quality sites and doubted later why it’s not working.

On the other side, an authoritative link earned due to quality content amazes you with the SEO benefit in a short period with no much effort.

So focus on earning a Links over just building it from any source. Irrelevant and spammy links may damage site ranking.

Share your content at the platform where your target audience is, who relates to your content.

A relatable content gets more post shares and also earn quality links.

Check our advance guide on off-page strategies here.

5 Evaluation and Optimization

You have performed all the SEO efforts to attract more traffic. But now it’s time to evaluate the whole process, how your efforts paid off?

There are many paid and free tools available to monitor your website performance compared to SEO efforts.

These tools are helpful to figure out what sources bring you more traffic, which medium has a good session time and which medium has a higher bounce rate, along with the website’s keyword position.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool, that providing information about site visits along with valuable information like traffic sources, most visited pages and country-wise traffic to or user’s devices.

While Google analytics providing traffic statistics, another google tool webmaster is for website performance.

Webmaster providing reports like website impressions, search queries, ranking position and more. Such data helps to optimize your website for a particular keyword or to revise your SEO plan.

Apart from getting the insight from such online tools, you also need to be aware of the latest SEO trends.

Keep eyes on websites that publish the articles, news about SEO trends and tips by industry experts. Such websites are always a great help. here are some seo website to follow:

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Land
  • Moz
  • SEOBook

Every search guidelines google release is to provide a quality experience to searchers. And also expects from websites to meet those requirements.

Keep your website updated with new SEO trends just to not fall behind, because the competition is here also.

Final content

Website SEO is a long term process, and yet highly effective one. It’s not like you today and showing results from the day after, as more than just one factor prevails to show the actual impact.

Especially for a new website SEO always takes a longer time.

At first, your primary focus has to be on improving the domain quality score. That is possible by creating useful content and quality links to it.

It takes time to show the results for your efforts.

But when your SEO work is pure and your approach to providing quality information is constant, it is always worth investing time in the SEO for a website.

SEO and digital marketing requires some technical jobs and specialized skills. If you are struggling to do so, it’s always better to have some experts on your side that guide you in the process right away. We at wordzyx, helping small businesses and startups in performing better at online marketing. Apart from content marketing consultation, we also guide our clients in content creation, website optimization and digital marketing. Feel free to contact us, if have any custom marketing needs you have for us.

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