5 Super Tasty Moroccan Meals for the Crazy Wanderlust Foodies

5 Super Tasty Moroccan Meals for the Crazy Wanderlust Foodies

Morocco lovers  from every nook and corner of the world rush to book their Morocco Holiday Packages just to swirl in the rolling deserts, beautiful  oasis, bursting Metropolitan cities tranquil beaches, medieval souk cities and much more.

But if you are the craziest combo of a wanderlust foodie then you are going to be doubly delighted to experience an amazing food culture of this North-African territory. The succulent Moroccan cuisine is a tastiest combination of Arabic, Jewish, Berber, Sub-Saharan and Roman influences.

However, the most striking fact of Moroccan food scene is that it varies from region to region. It means that every Moroccan city has its own specialty to offer-Pastila in Fes, Medfloun in the Sahara region, sardines in Coastal Safi, and Tangia in Marrakesh.

So it’s advisable to thoroughly browse the Moroccan regional specialties prior to satiating your hunger after a daylong rambling in the country.

However, for your ease we have scrambled up some must-try cities’ specialties to thrill your taste buds.

5 Outclass Must-Try Moroccan Meals

Following are these special Must-try Moroccan dishes to go for wherever you find yourself in the whole beatific country.


It is a delicious Moroccan meaty dish in the form of sweet, savory meat pie or spicy seafood pie. It is a widely consumed specialty of fes, where it is filled with almonds and coked pigeon meat. It is then flavored with the aromatic spices like Cinnamon, and saffron.

This much- loved pie-dish is served in Fes city weddings and celebrations. The Fez Pastilla is available in every food stall dotted over all the nooks of city streets.

A special marine meat Pastilla is also a treat for the hungry stomach. It is stuffed with shrimps, calamari and vermicelli noodles.


It is an unmissable dish of an entire Muslim World. Like many Arabian countries, it is equally loved in Morocco. Your Muslim World tour is incomplete without the tastiest Hareera experience. It is readily available throughout the country.

However, its taste and recipe differs from city to city. For example the Hareera of Rabat would be different from that of Marrakesh restaurant with a different recipe and flavor.

It is also a very healthy dish that is widely consumed in Ramadan to break the fast.  It is a thick and spicy tomato soup filled tasty lambs, lentils, chickpeas and noodles. It is garnished with almonds, dates and other dry fruit to make it more nutritious and appealing.

Moroccan Salads

If you are health conscious, then learn the recipe of special Moroccan salad for a healthy add-in in your diet chart. Both raw and cooked salads are available in the country.

However, we advise you not to go for raw salad during your tour ride of Morocco because the raw vegies hurt your vacant stomach.  So don’t devour them in one go. Take in small amounts. The cooked salads contain a healthier variety of cooked vegetables like carrots, potatoes or courgettes soaked or drizzled with olive oil and pinch of cumin.


It is a Marrakesh special meaty treat, found at a stone’s throw the central city heart known as Jemaa el-Fena.  To complete your memorable Marrakesh visit, just head on to Mechoui Alley just off the Jemaa el-Fena.

The cooking manner of this amazing Marrakesh meaty delish is awe-inspiring. So you wouldn’t resist yourself from having it in every Marrakesh visit. This dish is the super delicious cooked whole lamb soaked in spices.

The Mechoui chefs place the whole lamb to cook it into a special underground oven. He then hacks off a big piece of freshly baked meat and hands over to you to devour it.

Choose take away or enjoy it while sitting at behind- the- counter benches of the Mechoui corner. Choice is yours.

Lamb Tangine

It can also be termed as Moroccan staple food due to its world appealing coastal location. Tangine is also known as King of Dishes that is available in almost everywhere in Moroccan territory. Interestingly, there are several types of cooked Tangines in the country. Every city presents you a different Tangine flavor with a unique recipe to amaze your mind.

The very hospitable Moroccan locals prepare it with all their heart and soul to serve their guest fellas. This super aromatic meat dish is cooked in a conical clay pot for a slow cooking the stew to tender the meat.

You can get any meat type you want as the base because the chefs even use chicken, fish, beef or mutton.

But don’t forget to take the special Moroccan tea to digest your mouth-watering Moroccan food with ease.

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