8 Business Processes Outsourcing You Could Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

8 Business Processes Outsourcing You Could Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Business process outsourcing or more commonly known as BPO services is one of the most popular services today.  This is especially since the advancement in telecommunications which lies at the base of the process in its entirety.

But since not every company can afford to hire elaborate BPO personnel, they can go for virtual BPO assistants who can do the job just as good but for an affordable price.

Though the very term BPO implies that the processes are outsourced, virtual assistants or VA, given their expertise can help further streamline the same.

What BPO services can be outsourced to a VA?

On outsourcing BPO services, there is a possibility that several related concerns might go away. Lists of such services are given below.

Inbound Calls Services

Customers are never short of queries regarding products or services that they have bought or might have subscribed to. A virtual assistant, unlike a physical BPO executive, can work well beyond office hours to talk to multiple clients to resolve their issues.

Outbound Calls Services

To build a better business it is vital that you put the word out to your potential customers. What better way to do it than Outbound Calls? The nature of a virtual assistant’s work style provokes them to become client servicing executives for themselves. Hence, it is no doubt that they will help with your customer retention dilemma through this service either.

Telemarketing services

Selling products to customers requires a particular set of skills that only a few possess. Since virtual assistants are a group with such talent they can market products and services efficiently without having to be trained or inducted to the team.

Live Chat Support

Resolving customer queries, live is just another way of taking your customer support system up a notch. Virtual assistants in this context can aid with lead generational support, customer grievances support, and more.

Technical Support

Clients will always need help with complex technical applications that are beyond their knowledge as providers of products like them, it is up to you to make an effort to give them their necessary support. Whop better virtual assistants to aid you with this task?


Business process as a service or BPaaS for short is one of the leading technology solutions in the world today. Since it demands the need for specialists, there are several companies who cannot afford their hefty fees. Bearing this in mind it is recommended that they seek help if virtual assistants who can help them with financial BPaaS, consultations, automation support, and more.

CCTV Monitoring Services

Surveillance support is necessary to be it for personal or professional reasons. Nevertheless, cameras can also run into issues and problems that will make it harder to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. A virtual team will ensure that they are up and running in real-time and ensure their routine maintenance as well.

Email Support Services

Though emails are underrated tools of communication they are significant to keep the conversation between vendors, clients, and business owners alive and running.  Virtual assistants in this matter can aid you with resolution emails, sales query emails, and more.

Virtual assistants are quickly becoming a go-to for entrepreneurs and small businesses. But, given their efficiency, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the larger companies sought their help too.

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