Know Why Choose Costa Rica for Retirement?

Know Why Choose Costa Rica for Retirement?

With coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, Costa Rica is a rugged and rain forested Central American country. More and more people are choosing their retirement destination. In this post, we are going to tell why to choose Costa Rica for retirement.

Affordable Cost Of Living

In Costa Rica, the cost of living is very low and one of the lowest in the Americas. For example- A retired couple can live very well for $1,200 per month and can live affluently for around $2,000 per month. Apart from this utilities are also up to 30% cheaper than the US and Europe. Many inexpensive local restaurants with fresh vegetables, local fruits meats, and seafood ingredients make eating out pleasing.

Low Taxes

Another popular reason for people to retire here is low tax rates. There is no income tax paid on income earned outside of the country as well as there is no capital gains tax. Apart from this, Property taxes are extremely low.

Business Opportunity

In Costa Rica, there are a large number of investment opportunities with a large tourism sector, historically increasing real estate values and international trade. Costa Rica is the number one Latin American tourist country, which is over a $2 billion per year industry. You can start a small business like hotel, restaurant, bed and breakfast, tour operator, spa, fishing charter, and more providing yourself with income and additional jobs for the local people. It has a highly educated population with more than 94% literacy rate.

Moving Costs

Travel to Costa Rica is cheaper and faster than travel to other popular destinations in America or Asia. If you plan to return to the US for regular visits, then a move to Costa Rica is a lot easier than a move to a far-flung country like Thailand or the Philippines. Apart from this, shipping household and personal cargo are also cheaper than shipments to remote destinations. You can import many kinds of personal items and household items without paying import duties particularly if the items are not new.  The best and convenient way to move to Costa Rica is hiring a Costa Rica Relocation service company.

Affordable Health Care

In Costa Rica, the cost of health care is a fraction of that in Europe and the US. Many people come here for medical tourism to enjoy the benefits of top-notch medicine and a top travel destination. Apart from this, Public health care is available and private hospitals are filled with specialist doctors and surgeons.


Another pleasing reason to call Costa Rica home is the year-round warm weather. The central valley has moderate temperatures and you can enjoy the weather in the70’s most of the year. In addition to this, the coastal climates are warmer with lots of sunshine for days at the beach. In Costa Rica, there are only two seasons; 1) dry season (typically November through April) and 2) rainy season (typically May through October). There are mostly sunny mornings in the rainy season with afternoon or evening rains. The rainiest months of the year are September and October months.

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