Is It Time To Get A New Washing Machine?

Is It Time To Get A New Washing Machine?

With regular workload, your home appliances are bound to turn fatigued and this is the time when you actually see them troubled.

Your washing machine too is one of the most heavily used appliances and it may face a need to get repaired when you find something faulty.

However, as your appliance ages, the troubles it faces go beyond any repairs or could easily dig a big hole in your pocket. In such a case, putting in a bit more investment to get a new appliance is far better than investing in its repairs almost every other week.

Here are some of the signs that your washing machine needs a replacement and not repairs:

Excessively Noisy Washer

Excessively Noisy Washer

Does your washing machine works similar to a flight taking off in terms of its noise? Well, while most of these sound defects could be fixed by getting the washing machine repaired, you need to find the real cause of the noise with the help of an appliance expert.

And if you cannot subside the noise with simple fixes, you may need a new washer to help your clothes.

Excessive Leakage:

Excessive Leakage

Leakages in washing machine signify either an overflow or a loose connection. In case you have an older washing machine, even replacing the hose or tightening the pipe too may not help you fix the leakages.

In such a case, getting your washing machine replaced completely is probably the best way to save water and get better washing results.

A Moving Washer:

A Moving Washer

It may sound haunting or funny but a moving washing machine is a sign of some really big trouble in its way.

Your appliance is required to stay fixed at a place when it spins, rinses, or cleans your clothes, but if it sways so vigorously that it actually gets displaced, it may bring troubles for itself or you.

For instance, a moving washer may slosh water outside or get unplugged from the electrical source. You can consult a good appliance repair serviceman and in case the troubles are big enough, you can get a replacement for sure.

Drum Not Getting Filled:

The water drum may get delayed in getting filled and this could be a trouble in your water hose or a trouble with hot or cold water faucets. Check these, and if there’s no trouble with them, you need to check the water intake valve.

And if the costs of the repairs or part replacement are significantly high, replacing the appliance is always a better alternative.

Very Old Washing Machine:

New washing machines may last anywhere around 12 years but if your appliance offers you frequent troubles after more than half of its age, it is suggested to get a replacement.

Especially, the old top-load washing machines face far more troubles than the front-load ones.

old washing machine

And though replacing a washing machine is a big expense on your part, it’s a cost-effective alternative too. So whether you are attempting GE appliance repairswith the help of professionals or trying to fix it yourself, make sure it does not need a good investment.

If the cost of the repairs is more than half of the new appliance available and the appliance has served half its term, getting a new one is always a good alternative.

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