Keyless Entry Systems And Home Automation

Keyless Entry Systems And Home Automation

Keyless entry systems bestow a greater convenience to the homeowners. Also, there is an altogether different dimension to the Keyless Entry Austin systems and they are integrating them with the home automation products for a centralized control and added convenience.

Home Automation

What it means

The keyfob transmitter you use for remotely controlling your home can take up the home security system to an altogether new and exciting level. For instance, you can think of unlocking the door and turning on the porch light while you walk on the pathway or pull out into the drive way. These integrations can cost as little as $100 and you can hope to achieve a security feature that is indeed priceless and can be loved by all at home.

How to fit in automation

A number of keyless lock systems are there that do not have anything to do with home automation. These systems do not come with the flexibility that a home automation keyless entry system provides you. The entire project means integrating the compatible products together with the home automation system. This will let you lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the home. If your son or daughter turns up to the home late in the night, you will not have to move from the bed to open the door.

Interestingly, you can hope to put on your locks on a timer. With a computer program, you can program them into your event calendar. If you want the porch light to be on when the door is unlocked, you can configure the function in to the home automation system and enjoy a sophisticated convenience. An integrated home automation system can provide you all these capabilities and much more.

How to locate the best keyless entry products

A single solution cannot universally fit into all situations and needs. You might have a liking for a door knob that wears a brass or satin finish. You may prefer to go for a standard kind of latch or a deadbolt. You might even choose to install levers rather than knobs. You might want to have a keyless entry system for a sliding door. Irrespective of what you wish to achieve, you certainly do have a solution.

Questions you must answer before integrating keyless entry system with home automation.

Before you go shopping for keyless entry and home automation products, answer these questions.

• How do you want your keyless lock to look like? Do you want it to be like a standard doorknob or would you like to go for some added security feature?

• Do you prefer operating the doors with remote control? If so, how many remotes will your household need?

• Do you want an electric or battery powered keyless entry system?

• Do you want to be able to unlock the door even before you get out of your car?

• Do you want to turn on the porch light when the door is in locked condition?

Options in front of you

All of these automation arrangements can be achieved in any one of the three modes namely keyless locks, electric door strikes and remote control locks. You need to make the best choice that will fit in your situation and address your needs.

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