Popular Tarot Card Pairing & its Meaning

Popular Tarot Card Pairing & its Meaning

Fear is dangerous, not the tarot. The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition, the good, the evil, the light, and the dark. Do not fear the darker aspects of the human condition. Understand them. The tarot is a storybook about life, about the greatness of human accomplishment, and also the ugliness we are each capable of.”
Benebell Wen, Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth

When we hear of the term “tarot”, what is the first thought that falls upon us? Some look at tarot as a future-telling activity while some view it as an enhanced form of reading the present with the help of cards. Tarot reading – precisely like the latter – is a form of interpreting the present circumstances with sheer depth & meaning, through the medium of tarot cards; each explicating a distinct meaning.

In the world of tarot cards, some direct you towards the positive forthcomings and solutions while some provide you with a fresh yet negative aspect for you to accept things as they come & help you move on. Tarot cards formulate various patterns and combinations through which the reader apprehends and improvises of what’s in stake for us. Often, tarot pairings are drawn out from the deck by the person who is to get their reading done. These pairs can be correlated and compared for a deeper perception and understanding.

Following are three extremely significant pairings with their formulated interpretations:-

  • Combination No. 1: Hierophant & High Priestess

Also known as Persephone – the High priestess guards as she sits before the gates of the Great Mystery – depicting the tree of life as a traditional backdrop. She sits amidst two pillars: the dark and the light. This characterizes of her being a mediator in the thick of a parallel reality. This card symbolized serenity, wisdom, ability & compassion.

On the other hand, the Hierophant card – alias the High Priest / Pope – is the former masculine form & counter-half of the High Priestess. This character is represented in the form of a religious figure within a church environment. He wears a three-tiered crown and his right hand is raised in beatitude. This card portrays the need to move forward and create new establishments for internal and spiritual growth. This could comprise of joining some new activity or commence some religious offering.

Hereinafter, when both of these cards are received simultaneously as a pair – it tends to give out a rather contradictory message. It highlights the importance of probing answers from within as well as without. This means a deep analysis of our subconscious mind and grasping of our intuitive elements for a better understanding of self and the environment. This helps nurture our soul and make amends, governing us to an elevated path that widens our horizons so as to understand about ourselves and our purpose of existence.

  • Combination No. 2: Lovers & Devil

The Lovers card, as the name suggests, sketches of alignment & relationships in the truest form of nature. It is said that this card is conjoined with the zodiac of Gemini. Pictographically, the two drawn figures (a man and a woman) are being blessed by the angels from above the clouds. The angel on this card is named Raphael – the angel of Air. This symbolizes a deeper meaning, directing us to the fact that air is one of the most essential element of a healthy relationship. The card also has the apple tree with a snake on it – outlining the story of Adam & Eve (man and woman). It is an undiluted and a classic representation of mutual-attractiveness, establishment of individuality in a relationship & the sense apt for making the righteous choice.

The Devil card interprets dependency, sense of sexuality, materialism & powerful bondage. Pictographically, this card has a Devil portray of a Satyr drawn on it, which precisely is a creature who is half a goat and half a man. This creature has been considered as a feculent character. His structure symbolizes heavy meaning. For instance, the goat connotes the projection of inferiority by an individual as in order to feel highly of themselves. All in all, this card signifies of the hidden forces persuading the negativity that guides you towards the unhealthy path. It also symbolizes deep obsession.

If both of these cards are drawn out at the same time, we can see a rather clear difference amongst the two; along with prolonged similarities. Despite the basic differences like the Lovers card depicting positivity through the angel guarding the couple & the background depicting the beauty of nature; the Devil card depicts darkness & bondage in the hands of the Satyr. On combining the two, it reflects upon the contrasts faced in day-to-day life; love versus lust. It also depicts the love that you have for the Universe – a deep passion for the good of this society & elevation of mankind.

  • Combination No. 3: Chariot & Strength

The Strength card portrays a beautiful, fascinating woman that bonds and controls a lion. She does not require chains or protective armor, rather uses love and affection to do the same. She strokes the lion’s jaw with peace. This card represents natural power and vigor.

On the other hand, the Chariot card symbolizes “warrior” on a chariot, who has the ability to direct and control of where it goes. This represents sheer determination & focus. In comparison to the strength card, this card portrays an overt embodiment of power.

When both of these cards are drawn out simultaneously, it illustrates the expression of force, energy and sense of power. It also portrays balance amidst the outer and inner strengths of our body, followed by positive outcomes.

Henceforth, while the above are just three of the most prominent combinations of Tarot reading – numerous such combinations can be withdrawn and interpreted for a rather augmented and exalt reading.

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