Tarot Reading Procedures for Online Tarot Reading & In Clinic

Tarot Reading Procedures for Online Tarot Reading & In Clinic

“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you’ll never find it anywhere else.”

  • Marvin Gaye

Tarot reading is an art of foreseeing your future and apprehending your present life circumstances with the help of cards that pictographically convey a message. It helps you discover the truth your subconscious mind is aware of and helps you use your positive energy in a productive manner. However, this concept cannot be termed as “magical” in any context. It sure holds a mystical theory but it is an interesting concept altogether.

Online Tarot  readings are broadly divided into 2 types;

  • Open Readings

Open Readings focus on extravagant and intense situations of your life unlike the usual readings. It embarks a new, fresh phase or turning point instead of a particular circumstance or an encounter. For instance, after recently getting married or starting a family, etc. It is possible to direct such a transformational reading in relation to basic elements of our being, like health or career prospective but with transparency and honesty from the individual’s side.

  • Interrogative or Question Readings

This form of tarot reading procedurally follows a question-answer session where the individual can ask any and every question they seek an answer for. However, you need to ensure that you aren’t adamant about a particular answer because that might redirect your energy and thoughts into what you are apparently rigid about. The questions to be asked in this session should strictly hold more emphasis on your own self; it can be related to another person you associate with but tarot reading does not hold precision for the prediction of somebody you aren’t absolutely associated with at all.

How does it work? Let’s find out!

  • When a reading is to be performed – primarily the reader asks the person receiving the reading to shuffle the deck of cards.
  • The individual who is to receive the reading and ask questions should maintain focus and concentrate in order to retrieve true opinions on the questions put forward.
  • The deck is then cut and the reader spreads the cards in order to let the individual select the cards from the pattern. This spread holds a meaning and so each card has its position in parallelism to its significance.
  • It is upon the reader as to select which form of spread he/she chooses to use for prediction.
  • This is followed by the reader asking of the individual to think about the question, possible answer and so on & pick cards simultaneously for readings.
  • The prediction is then commenced.

Why is Tarot Reading Beneficial?

  • It gives you a fresh & confident perspective in complicated situations for better decision-making.
  • It increases positivity in your mind, heart & soul.
  • It guides you to your own subconscious mind and its thoughts.
  • It gives you choices you hadn’t discovered initially.
  • It helps you introspect & sort your thoughts for peace of mind.
  • It prevents you from assuming & projecting unwanted thoughts & theories in a given situation.

Henceforth, the practice of tarot reading has been followed since a long time & also has been enhanced over the years. It helps us see the paths we usually cannot – and understand the energy emitted by our thoughts in relation to the circumstances and situations we are dealing with.

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