The Insulation of Life

The Insulation of Life

Mother Nature has already given us too much but rather than caring after these boons, the mankind has been ruining these since it has been indulged in perpetual progressing in technology. The development to make life advanced and easy has plundered the vegetation because everything from education to travel is meant to save the time and energy. Phoenician is famous as landscape contractors or a landscape design company that develops green walls design in Dubai, and the company take this something more than a passion as a CS responsibility towards the UAE.

The man has turned agile and competent at the heavy cost that has long lasting effect unto the future generations, and the global warming is the best example of the effect inflicted by eliminating the vegetation. As a swimming pool design companies in Dubai Phoenician understands that without greenery everything is going to diminish or extinct.    

So rising population and development is not the only concern but it would have been good that if the world had not faced any World Wars ever and the corrupt governments might have not exacerbated the situation by working as the capitalist regime. The corruption on small level is that though there are the guidelines from the United Nations the over fishing is practiced, jungles are eliminated for concrete structures, corruption that is the main cause of poverty and sub standard practices in the name of eco friendly measures are only on papers etc.

There are some individuals who have discover the opportunity in between the difficulties, and some of them are taking innovative measures to gift mankind the aesthetic and eco friendly solutions, so one of it is the concept vertical garden that works are lungs for the concrete jungles, even a swimming pool design is incomplete without the perfect green walls or landscape design company’s effort.

Urban Heat insulation

 The temperature is rising globally day by day one of the reason behind it is raise in the population and growing infrastructure due to it. When greenery is planted at right position it surely saves the energy consumption during the hot weather to the considerable extent. Some of the points are discussed below

  • First and foremost are the measures to be taken to save the existing greeneries within the concrete jungles in order to leverage their longevity.
  • The plantation of new plants and trees should be done in such a way so they may benefit their surroundings to act like the heat resistant agent.
  • The extra beneficial measures are to insulate the walls with greeneries and this concept for roofs is called ‘green roof’ and for the walls ‘green walls’ or ‘vertical gardens’. To serve the objectives the special types of plants are used that are considerably good for the environment within the infrastructure and in the vicinity as well.  It is all done only by a landscape design company.

Benefits of turning the building green

It is very easy to understand the benefits of greenery based to the studies we all have done in the middle standard education, where it was taught that how plants are beneficial but today the points given below will cast little more light on the benefits that plants usually give to us.

  • The study done by the experts says that green insulation of building is eco friendly besides improving the air quality of the urban areas along with reducing the energy consumption within the buildings for example reduction in the use of fan and Air Conditioners etc.
  • The study says that the green insulation also reduces the noise pollution, and Phoenician is famous as landscape contractors that can do swimming pool design  Dubai also.

Chronicles of greening the buildings

There is nothing new in this concept of integration of greeneries with the buildings as it dates back around two thousand years ago as per the historical evidences from the Mediterranean region and the hanging gardens of Babylon are famous in history which belonged to the region of Mesopotamia.

The endemic plant species that were climbers from Europe were grown in the region of Mediterranean. Then in eighteenth and nineteenth century again this trend returned, but today the construction materials are different from the time of Mesopotamia and Mediterranean, so it is seriously required to use modern technology along with the waste water and water biology supplements done by the professional landscape contractors or swimming pool design companies in Dubai.  This all will end up in serving the multiple tasks at a time where the waste water from the building will be utilized to nurture the wall with necessary mineral.

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