Using Eternabond Products to Protect Your RV Against Leaks

Using Eternabond Products to Protect Your RV Against Leaks

An RV is designed to be a home and a vehicle all in one. They’re perfect for traveling long distances without sacrificing comfort. Family vacations and lengthy road trips have been forever changed by the convenience of the RV. While RVs are designed to be able to withstand the stress of traveling through different climates and terrains, their hardware is not always foolproof. RVs, like any domicile, are prone to problems such as leaks. Leaks can be caused by tears in the roof, gaps in window seals and doorjambs, or holes in the seams on the sides of the vehicle. While any leaks in your house or apartment are frustrating and inconvenient, leaks in an RV can be seriously damaging and expensive to repair. In addition to problems like mold and mildew, a leak in an RV can damage the machinery itself. The cost of repairing water damage in an RV is not something that can easily be shrugged off. It’s encouraged that RV owners take preventative measures, rather than waiting until a leak has already sprung and incurred major damage. One highly effective way of preventing leaks from ruining your RV is by using RV Eternabond leak repair products.

Eternabond uses micro sealant technology to produce a tape that can cling to porous metals and withstand conditions that would render most tapes ineffective. Micro sealant technology uses condensed chemical bonds that permanently stick to whatever surface necessary. These compounds include thermoplastics, synthetic resin and rubber. It comes with the primer already included as part of the tape, so all you need to do is place the tape wherever you find a leak. RV Eternabond leak repair tape is waterproof, flexible, pliable, and usable in hot or cold temperatures. It can be applied in anywhere between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for use in any kind of weather. Its flexibility makes it great for sealing holes in corner seams and other tricky places in your RV.

Eternabond leak repair tape can be used on a multitude of different surfaces, including (but not limited to) EPDM rubber, TPO, most PVC, aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, polyethylene, fiberglass, brick, or concrete. In addition to being useful to tape over a hole, Eternabond tape can also be rolled into a ball to fill a hole. With Eternabond, you’ll get a leak repair tape that is not only useful in extreme temperatures and resilient against water, but it is also an air-tight seal, making it seem as though cracks, holes and gaps in your RV never existed. Eternabond leak repair tape is available in several colors such as white, tan, black, and grey to match the color of your RV, so that you can choose the color that will be the least visible on your vehicle. Eternabond also comes in either single or double-sided tape, both good for different uses.

Eternabond doesn’t only make tape for leak repair. They also manufacture a caulk used for the same purpose. Available in clear, black, or white, Eternacaulk is discreet. It’s also easy to apply to cracks and gaps, preventing leaks before they cause damage to your RV. Eternacaulk can be used on wet or dry surfaces. It can be used on surfaces such as metal, asphalt, shingles, vinyl, fiber cement, concrete, tile, masonry, and glass. Eternabond products are manufactured in the United States and available right at RVupgrades. RVupgrades offers a wide array of RV accessories, supplies, and repair parts at low prices. They also provide a guide to using each Eternabond product, ensuring customer satisfaction. For more information, access to customer reviews, and details about ordering and delivery services, visit RVupgrades online or call 1-866-332-7881 today!

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