REM 700 Chassis and Other Great Accessories for Your Rifle

REM 700 Chassis and Other Great Accessories for Your Rifle

When looking to refurbish or outfit your Rem 700, be sure to invest only in the highest-quality accessories and additions. Whether it’s a Rem 700 Chassis or a trigger attachment, the right accessories can drastically improve the accuracy and overall efficiency of your Rem 700 firearm. Outfitting your machinery with the proper equipment will maximize your investment as well as make it more enjoyable to use. Be sure to shop for quality parts in both design and structure, and economically priced.

Here are some of the best accessories to invest in when outfitting your REM 700 rifle:

Whiskey Three Chassis (W3C)

Any good rifle deserves a premium chassis to increase both the accuracy and overall modularity. Built with a durable aluminum bedding, the Whiskey-3 Chassis features tool-less adjustments for easily done modifications. The W3C features multiple attachment points that allow for the addition of other accessories for increased accuracy and further ease-of-use. The chassis also features modular grip panels, which will enable the shooter to adjust their firearm to his or her exact specifications for the ultimate customization. The chassis is designed for the use of AICS magazines for your rifle without any additional alteration or attachments. The Whiskey Three features a new and innovative length-of-pull locking mechanism to create a more streamlined process than with previous generations. The W3C is available in both fixed and folding versions. It’s safe to say, the Whiskey-3 is the way to go when looking for a REM 700 chassis.

Timney Remington 700 Trigger with Safety Curved Shoe

Having a precise trigger is the key to success in any firearm-related sport. Whether you use your rifle for hunting game or target practice, investing in an accessory that ensures increased accuracy and trigger reliability makes for safer and more efficient shooting. Designed with a featured safety curve, the Remington 700 trigger blocks the trigger rather than the sear. This new design makes it virtually impossible to move the trigger while it is on safety, which removes the risk of accidental sear release when the security is turned off. This grooved trigger shoe is designed to increase overall control of the trigger and sports an 11/2 to 4 lb. weight-of-pull with creep and backlash reduction features. The Remington 700 trigger with safety-curved shoe arrives fully assembled and is available in both right and left-hand modules, including a bolt release feature.

Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical Short Action Receiver

The Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical Short Action Receiver brings precision to perfectly match Remington rifles. The Defiance is intended to facilitate the initial extraction of the bullet into the barrel and ensures smooth bolt cycling. This one-piece part is formed with pre-hardened materials to prevent tolerance changing when heat-treated. The Defiance bolt is manufactured from 4340 steel and features custom spiral fluting. The Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical Receiver is designed to fit with standard AI, AICS, and the staggered stack AIAW style magazines, making it the perfect accessory for your Remington 700 rifle.

Whether it’s a Rem 700 chassis or a short action receiver, these additions are the perfect investment to increase both the accuracy and reliability of your firearm. Make the best of your sport by pairing your REM 700 rifle with the proper equipment to bring it to its maximum level of performance. You can find accessories designed, tested, and used by the experts at Kinetic Research Group on their website. For more information on the Whiskey 3 chassis and countless other premium firearm accessories for Rem 700 rifles and many other models, visit

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