Key Features to Look For in Employee Time Attendance Software

Key Features to Look For in Employee Time Attendance Software

Time management in the office is crucial; it directly impacts the productivity of the company. Ever since the rise of technology, we have seen some great transformation in the time management system, there are many employee time and attendance software, which is specially designed to cater to the variegated needs of the clients. These time management software come with various features, which makes them so important for any organization.

Employee Time Attendance Software

Employee Time Attendance Software

If you have also thought about investing in an employee time attendance software, here are some of the features that you must look at:


One of the key features that you must look at while purchasing employee time attendance software is that the software should be easy to use. It must not be a complicated system. This can further restrict the usage of the software. This software should provide a simple solution to complex issues. Moreover, it must be easy to comprehend.


While choosing any of the time attendance software, make sure that you check that it allows you to store working hours via different platforms like a punch card, smartphones, computer, etc.

Mobile apps-

In the smartphone era, having mobile apps for such software will always be an added advantaged. You can manage and track the information via mobile phone. This makes the software accessible on the go and thus making it even more user-friendly.


Most of the employee time attendance software come with auditing feature; this gives you the leverage to check the data and verify if there have been any changes in the same or not.

Time off Tracking

While purchasing any of the attendance software, you must check whether it also track employee’s time offs like parental leave, sick leave, casual leave, annual leave.


This is a beneficial feature for any company who wishes to track whether the employee is coming on time or is late; it works in real-time. Owing to this feature HRs can get a detailed report about the employee’s timely performance


If you are looking for mobile app feature in the attendance software, then you must also check the notification feature. The system must have this feature which notifies the employee is they have forgotten to clock in and clock out etc. With more advanced software, you will get more advanced notification features.

GPS tracking

A good software must have the GPS tracking system which ensures that you are able to check the authenticity of remote check-ins of employees.


Most of the good attendance software comes with customization feature. It means that you can alter the filter and take out the report as per your requirement. For example, you only want the report of overtime or latecomers. The software must have the features to give you customized information.

Integration with payroll system

Since most of the company consider over time and timely reporting as a parameter of appraisal, having an attendance software which can be easily integrated with the payroll system will make the task easier. Moreover, these are genuine reports so they cannot be challenged. It also reduces discrepancies and cases of fraud.

Employee Time Attendance Software

Employee Time Attendance Software


All-in-all we can say that employee time attendance software is a necessity which we cannot undermine. Having a system which is automated and works in real time is a great way to manage working hours, leaves, and productivity in any organization. There are a number of attendance software provider companies, but not everyone will give you all the features. To be smart enough, you must first shortlist different benefits and features you want from the software, based on it; you can make the decision whether the software is worth your time and money or not. The above-mentioned features are some of the basics and cannot be ignored. You can look for software based on these features and manage your employee’s attendance effectively.

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