Know all about the Top 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband

Know all about the Top 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband

Which OpenCart module in your shop do you believe will be the most beneficial to your online store? Comment on the blog and let us know which ones they are. In fact, we’ll show you 3 OpenCart modules that we believe may take your online business to the next level. You’ll find these 3 OpenCart modules quite useful for your online store. Then in this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes them so appealing.

Things you should know about 3 OpenCart Modules for your eCommerce store

OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension

Every eCommerce shop has to deal with abandoned carts, it’s a fact of life. However, the difficulty arises when a store’s abandoned cart rate reaches an unsustainable level. The Checkout Page is one of the most popular sites when customers leave without making a purchase. As a result, optimizing the checkout page is crucial. In this case, Knowband’s OpenCart Quick Checkout module from Knowband can help. Features abound in OpenCart’s responsive one-step checkout module. Following are some of the features you’ll discover in the OpenCart One Step Checkout add-on.

OpenCart Google Shopping Module

It allows consumers to search for, see, and evaluate items on the Google search page. On top of all that, OpenCart Google Shopping Integration automatically syncs your store’s inventory with your Google Merchant Center account. In reality, the OpenCart Google Shopping Feed Integration extension is the fastest and easiest way to gain massive awareness for your products and website in a very short period of time. Trading companies may also publish their products to Google Shopping with the help of this extension.

eBay OpenCart Integration Module

A broader platform with a larger client base has been on your wish list, right? Profit from your passion by selling it on eBay. With the OpenCart eBay Connector Extension by Knowband, you can easily link your store with the platform and start selling on eBay right away. The module may be installed in your store and you can begin listing your items on the platform immediately after installing it in your store. From the store, you can do anything. Consider, for example, handling orders and transactions, displaying items in bulk, managing the amount of the products, and many other things.

In the end

Do you have any of these 3 Opencart modules installed in your online store? Besides that, which of the following would you wish to have in your business?

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