Top 25 Advantages of School Management Software

Top 25 Advantages of School Management Software

2020 was a year for schools around the world to adapt to online education.

After months of hesitation, new challenges, and a lot of online learning this year, the school successfully adopted online education and technology interventions in 2021. This is mainly due to the use of school ERP software.

School ERP software is a comprehensive school management solution. This software helps automate all school processes like attendance management, new admissions, school transportation, timetable creation, and more, all in one place. School ERP software has gained popularity over the past few years, but the industry has grown significantly over the past year.

If you are considering a decision to adopt school management software for your institution, here are A to Z on the benefits of using school ERP software.

  1. Attendance management
    Manually tabulating attendance is a time-consuming process. School ERP software, on the other hand, provides online attendance management through an integrated biometric device to automate attendance and punctuality for students, teachers, and staff. This digital system ensures that all of the teacher’s class time is converted into the student’s education.
  2. Teacher Blog
    School ERP software allows you to create an online blog where teachers can post the information and resources they need for classroom work. This blog is a platform for discussing classroom learning, seeing teachers’ opinions, and creating a healthy online learning environment.
  3. Communication with parents
    Close the communication gap between teachers, staff, parents, and students by enabling internal messaging in your school’s ERP system. The system can be integrated with external communication tools such as email and text messaging for parents. This allows parents to receive timely updates about their children, down to academic information, event updates, and disciplinary action if needed.
  4. Data management
    It manages the full data of the student life cycle from pre-entry to graduation and manages graduate data within the school ERP platform. It serves as a repository for educational institutions to store all their data in digital format, such as attendance, grades, health records, scholarship data, financial data, and hundreds of other information related to the student.
  5. Test management system
    School ERP allows schools to conduct online tests, assignments, and exams outside the classroom. Students can attend upcoming exams from any location, from any device, and results can be tabulated and sent to students almost instantly.
  6. Fee management
    School ERP’s Cost Management module helps you digitize the entire cost management process. The great thing about this feature is that parents don’t have to wait in long lines to submit their child’s expenses. Pay online and receive timely notifications of upcoming and upcoming expenses.
  7. Report card and report card preparation
    From creating custom report cards to creating paperless report cards that you can access anytime, anywhere, managing your report cards through school ERP software has many benefits.
  8. Hostel Management
    The Hostel Management module handles several hostel management tasks, such as managing hostel applications, registration forms, room assignments, fee management, managing crowded payments, and communication with students and parents.
  9. ID card creation
    Designing professional ID cards using school ERP software allows management teams to design ID cards for students, staff and visitors with minimal time and effort. This ID card can be easily customized according to your school’s needs.
  10. Engage from any location
    School ERP software allows students and teachers to participate in virtual classrooms from any location. All you need is a smart device connected to the internet.
  11. Knowledge of real-time data
    School ERP software allows management teams and parents to access data in real time. This can include real-time tracking of school buses, attendance updates, and assignment results. Even for teachers, knowledge of real-time data can help them make strategic decisions about future lesson plans.
  12. Library Management
    Simplify and automate library management tasks with the school ERP platform. The software helps employees clean inventory, track books in the library cycle, identify defaulters, tabulate fines, and generate insightful reports to improve librarian efficiency.
  13. Multi-School Management
    Manage the day-to-day operations of groups of institutions from a single platform. The multi-school ERP capability allows institutions to handle vast amounts of academic and administrative operations processes quickly and smoothly, without flaws.
  14. New Inquiry Management
    Applicant admission inquiry management tricks

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