What is the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Addon all about?

What is the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Addon all about?

Not all eCommerce merchants are content with having an eCommerce store. Some of them unquestionably anticipate expanding their limits. In fact, they do that by converting their eCommerce store into a marketplace. All things considered, with online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others doing so well (admin, sellers, and customers fulfilled), it ought to be on your list also.

What do you think?

This time, we’ll be anticipating having an understanding of a ‘Hyperlocal Marketplace’.

The hyperlocal marketplace is perhaps the most popular and trendy market designs as of now. In the event that you’re inexperienced with the term or how it functions, let us investigate it in this blog.   

What is a Hyperlocal Marketplace?   

The hyperlocal marketplace as the name recommends is a market that obliges the requirements of a restricted topographical region. A stroll around your home would undoubtedly make you run over a similar market, anyway huge or little yet independent by its own doing, satisfying practically every one of the prerequisites of the nearby occupants.

Different business owners can select a website or application and offer their products to the buyer in a confined geographical district. Thus, here is your eCommerce hyperlocal marketplace. If you take a walk around your local market, you will find every one of the basics open. The close-by marketplace will fulfil all of your demands.

There are numerous factors because of which the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model is a must-have. For instance, the Geo-location feature, on-time delivery, and security.   

On the off chance that you have a Prestashop platform, you can check out the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace (about which we’ll talk in this blog).   

Highlights of the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Addon

Hyperlocal usefulness      

With the Geolocation information incorporated and the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace module is integrated by Google Maps. Shipping zones where the food, staple, singular thought products, and so on are deliverable is introduced using the hyperlocal incorporate. The admin can add various districts for sellers to enlist and traders can add where they can pass on the products. On the off chance that the shipping distance is far away, a default cost for their shipping may similarly is applicable by the vendor.   

Manage sellers consistently   

It isn’t hard to approve or disapprove of the vendors from the admin interface of the Hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace.   

Product approval list   

Any enlisted trader can sell anything they want to. However, the admin can approve the once-over of products and arrangements from the vendor records. Stock administration for food delivery, staple home delivery, and other neighbourhood delivery products ought to be conceivable effortlessly in a couple of steps.

Bother free commission management   

 The admin can without a doubt break the commission according to the classification of the articles. He/she may even make new classifications if need be.   

Basic transactions   

The Prestashop Hyperlocal E-trade Business module offers effortless trade decisions for customers, vendors, and the admin.   

Seller transactions in Hyperlocal Marketplace

The structure doesn’t thusly move the total into the record of the trader/seller, so the owner of the store must save records for all of the vendors and actually move money to the seller.   

The Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace allows the admin to see two kinds of sellers’ trades, be specific Seller Balance History and Transaction History.   

Payout request   

The sellers can make a payout request for the earnings with the assistance of the Prestashop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace. The store admin can approve/disapprove the Payout requests with a catch click. The sellers may show the aggregate and justification the payout and may pick any of the payment strategies decided. The admin can likewise approve or contrast with the payout demands.   

Email Templates for Notifications   

For multiple events, similar to shipper registration, vendor account approval, product approval, overview updates, payout demand alerted, and some more, the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery marketplace offers different moment email designs.   

Multiple payment and shipping techniques   

The admin can set multiple shipping and payment strategies. The traders can show their strategies for shipping or the default shipping procedures dictated by the admin displays in the Ship tab of the vendor’s dashboard. To introduce his customized shipping methods, the vendor needs to add the fundamental strategies.   

Hyperlocal Marketplace GDPR compatibility   

The Hyperlocal PrestaShop Marketplace is GDPR reasonable. It grants customers to shop from the available seller list. Customers can see the vendor details if the admin grants the settings and sellers can close their shop whenever they need to.   


In the event that you have been needing to convert your Prestashop store into a marketplace, start it with a Hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace. With the assistance of the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace addon, you can undoubtedly go through the way toward delivering sellers ready, registrations, and the wide range of various things with no problem. To find out more about the Prestashop addon contact us at support@knowband.com

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