Is Heat Pump The Most Affordable Pool Heating System?

Is Heat Pump The Most Affordable Pool Heating System?

If you are looking for a pool heating solution that is effective, low on maintenance, and above all, affordable, then don’t look beyond a heat pump! Compared to other conventional pool heating methods, a heat pump is one of the most effective and affordable ways to heat your swimming pool.

Pool Heat Pump

Even though pool heat pumps have a higher initial setup cost, it provides you with lower running costs and considerable savings in the long term, which will cover its upfront cost quickly. Now, we’ll look at why heat pumps are the most affordable pool heating system out there.

Heat Pump’s Superior Competence Will Keep Your Operating Costs Down

Heat pump glossary To heat the pool water, heat pumps solely depend on the outside air. They collect and transmit heat from an adjacent area to heat the pool water that is circulated through it. As heat pumps are not using electricity or gas to heat the water, the energy costs are significantly lower. Therefore, operating costs are less and the impact on the environment too is far less than other pool heating systems. Thus, it’s the most-accepted alternative for outdoor swimming pools and works at its best during summer and gentle weather. Nonetheless, you need to invest in the right size of heat pump to get optimal benefits out of it and to keep the costs down.

Where Should I Install A Heat Pump Pool Heater?

Good airflow is important for the smooth and efficient functioning of the heat pump, thus, a heat pump should be installed outdoors so it will receive an adequate supply of fresh air. If you purchase heat pump model with upright or parallel fan, both ways you need to make sure that the air pushed out by the fan, blows away without any hindrance of hedges, fences or wall to prevent recirculation. Besides, it should have adequate clearances of preferably 2.5 metres on all three sides for airflow.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Pool Heat Pump?

To buy the right pool heat pump for your swimming pool, you need to consider the size, COP (Coefficient of Performance) values and efficiency of the heat pump.

Astral Heat Pump

Invest in a Right Sized Heat Pump  

To keep the costs down, it’s vital to select the right sized pool heat pump that is ideal for the capacity of your pool. In case, you buy a heat pump that is small for your pool area, then you’ll get elevated bills. To be safer, you should ideally get the help of a professional who will measure your pool area and provide you with the best-suited heat pump pool heater size. It’s safer to opt for a bigger sized pool heat pump by around 5000 litres to get optimal efficiency.

Study the COP Values

The energy competence of a heat pump pool heater is evaluated by the COP (coefficient of performance). The higher the COP number better will be the effectiveness. Just comparing models or brands isn’t the only deciding indicator except you know that manufacturers use the same test for each of the heat pump models. Normally, COPs range is 3 to 7 (i.e. 300% – 700% effectiveness).


Heat pump pool heaters with high efficiency make use of scroll compressors when compared to reciprocal compressors of standard units. Typically, in a heat pump, the more resourcefully the gas is compressed, the higher will be the COP of the heat pump. Scroll (spiral) compressors are more efficient, as their compact design results in continually contracted and pressurized liquid and gasses, moving them speedily through the heating cycle for better efficiency.

A Final Word

When you want a heating solution to heat your pool water, the right heat pump is all you need. Well, you can buy a quality pool heat pump or swimming pool solar heating system from an established and reliable pool heating equipment supplier near you.

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