8 Reasons To Start Swimming

8 Reasons To Start Swimming

Sports and physical activity are important and useful for everyone. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what kind of sports to choose to enjoy it and lose some weight. Let’s talk about swimming. This type of physical activity is an effective way to improve health and body shape. It has quite a beneficial effect on the whole body, involving all types of muscles at once. Read this article and find out about eight reasons to start swimming. 

Swimming contributes to weight loss

The most obvious beneficial effect of swimming is the burning of fat. The number of calories you may burn during swimming is really huge. Many muscle groups are all involved in the work and cold water helps to spend extra energy. Learn to swim with a butterfly stroke for the greatest fat-burning effect. 

Swimming improves heart and lung health 

Many professional swimmers began their careers initially to get rid of asthma attacks. The proper breathing during swimming and moist air has a beneficial effect on lung function. Swimming is also a good prevention method for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, angina, and atherosclerotic vascular disease. 

Swimming improves joints 

Water will make your joints more flexible. Moreover, swimming is also effective in the prevention of joint diseases. You can swim even during exacerbations of joint diseases. Cooling of water relieves joint pain and smooth movements have a massage effect.

Swimming improves posture 

A lot of people have a sedentary lifestyle and spend most of the day behind a computer. Swimming can significantly improve your posture. The spine experiences less gravitational stress in water and this is good for the back. Swimming also improves back, chest, and lower back muscles and helps get rid of back pain.

Swimming is good for people with varicose veins 

Intensive training, weight exercises, running, and intense aerobics are contraindicated for people with varicose veins since this increases venous pressure in the lower extremities. This leads to the aggravation of varicose veins. Swimming doesn’t have such consequences since it has a beneficial effect on the veins and provides them with relaxation and normal blood circulation.

Swimming relieves neurosis

Water relaxes and soothes all nerve endings. Water temperature regulates the processes of excitation and inhibition, relieves fatigue, improves memory and attention by improving brain blood circulation. All this positively affects the central nervous system.

Swimming treats spinal disc herniation 

According to statistics, for every 100 thousand people today there are 100 cases of spinal disc herniation. In many treatment cases, swimming helps treat this disease without surgery. Swimming strengthens the back muscles which ultimately take on part of the load, thereby relieving the damaged spinal disc.

Swimming lowers cholesterol levels 

Health is inextricably linked to cholesterol levels in our blood. The lower the level of bad cholesterol, the healthier we are. Swimming helps maintain the proper balance of lipoproteins and improves the condition of blood and lymph vessels.

Swimming is a very healthy and pleasant pastime that has almost no contraindications and negative aspects. Therefore, don’t hesitate to start swimming today! And then in the near future, your body will become noticeably healthier, slimmer, and fit!

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