ATV Quad Racing: The Best UK Venues

ATV Quad Racing: The Best UK Venues

After a few months of renting a machine, you have finally made the investment in your very own quad, and are now looking at challenging venues – arenas where you can develop the essential skills to becoming an expert. With that in mind, here is our top-5 list of the cream of the UK quad venues.

  1. Allout Adventures, Newcastle – Even if you don’t live in the North East, it is well-worth the journey to experience this venue. Ride through woodlands, estate roads and coves at this designed route, and with special family packages, the kids can experience quad riding too, with 6-9 year-olds jumping on 50cc quads. 10-15 year-olds get to experience the 90cc range, while adults get to mess with serious 250cc power.
  2. Avalanche Adventure, Leicestershire – Another great venue that has many tracks throughout a 400-acre estate, and all quads use an auto gear system, making it something for all the family. Minimum age is 12 years, and if you want a challenge, this is the place to go. They have a wide range of quads for rent, but they welcome owner-riders who bring their own machine. If you want to rub shoulders with some of the best, go to Avalanche Adventure on a weekend. It is usually what road legal quad bikes UK drivers want, and there are online dealers of new and used quads including top quality Yamaha ATV parts, all with a warranty.
  3. Quad Biking, Northolt, West London – One of the top UK venues, Quad Biking have taken things to another level, with a track that is a mixture of hills, troughs and amazing landscapes. The minimum age is 12 years and they have more than ample quads for hire to suit all levels. If you’re taking your own machine, that will save you some money. No licence is needed for this venue as it is on privately-owned land.
  4. Avon Quad Riding, Bristol – Located in Bristol, this venue has it all, and some more. Strictly an adult venue, Avon has a speed section and an amazing skills section – something every rider will benefit from – and with a full range of high-performance quads available, you can feel that adrenaline pump when you hit the throttle here! There are websites that offer a list of very attractive top quad riding venues in the UK, which might help you find a suitable local venue.
  5. Bere Regis, Dorset – Nestled in 40 acres of natural beauty, you can explore some of the best British countryside and with a full fleet of top of the range quads, with a minimum riding age of 15 and no driving licence required.

As you can see, there are quite a few top-rated quad riding venues to explore and with online solutions, booking is easy. Test your skills at very challenging venues that offer stunning natural beauty, and why not take the family along for a very special day?

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