7 Benefits of C# Programming Language in Web Development

7 Benefits of C# Programming Language in Web Development

If you are proficient in HTMS, CSS, and JavaScript, then its high time you start growing your programming skills. Expand your knowledge and get a server-side language to cut your teeth on. C# will be a good option for you.

C# is an object-oriented, general-purpose language designed by Microsoft in 2000 as a way of building apps on their .NET platform. It has grown to become the most popular language scoping an award for the programming language of the year ( PYPL)in 2012.

It is also used in developing professional, dynamic websites on a .NET platform or open-source software. The websites are very efficient and easy to scale depending on demand and there are numerous benefits of C# as outlined below. Here are some of the benefits of C# programming language broken down just for you:

1. Server-side technology

It is purely a server-side technology therefore the code is processed on the windows server prior to displaying them in the web browser. This makes its applications execution faster than in interpreted scripts.

2. Its interaction capability

C# integrates very well with Windows. No special configurations are required to enable a C# program to operate in a Windows environment. Whether web applications, windows services, or a desktop app, C# programs are easily developed on any network. The only condition here is that your targeted server or working station supports .NET.

3. C# can easily be adjusted or scaled

Suppose your company grows and need an additional developer, C# is the most preferred language program many people adopt. It has a close syntax with other languages such as Java, so it becomes easy to find a developer who understands Java, in the case of mobile programming and C# for backend services concurrently.

4. It is a Compiled Language

The codes saved on a public-facing server are in a binary form. In the case of server hacking, it protects your codes since the hacker would not have direct and automatic access to the codes.

It is common with other languages such as PHP for the hacker to gain access to source codes that would easily give him to get database passwords. C# protects all your crucial components because the hacker must first decompile or crack your software before he can access them. You can also read excel files by using open-source software for excel data reader in C# language. It is lightweight and simple in its use.

5. Popularity

C# is among the most popular languages and is quite similar to Java as stated above. This is a key consideration for developers since the familiarity of a language can be equated to how many supporting materials are available for that particular language.

6. Flexibility

Another benefit of C# language is its flexibility. There are many applications that can be developed with C#, .NET, and Visual Studios. These include native windows applications, REST APIS, mobile apps, websites, games, and even native Android apps with additional frameworks like Xamarin. It is, however, possible to develop all these with other languages as well but you have to bring together other components of third party tools whereas, with C#, it has a cohesive Microsoft supported tool for developing any application.

7. Garbage Collection

C# programming has an efficient system that collects and delete garbage automatically from the system. Its efficiency in managing the system is what makes it stand out from other languages.

Without contradiction, C# in web development is among the most efficient programming languages available. If you have been frustrated by other complicated languages, its high time to consider committing to C# for web programming for a more satisfying experience.

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