7 Things to Do When You Buy a New Smartphone
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7 Things to Do When You Buy a New Smartphone

7 Things to Do When You Buy a New Smartphone

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you unbox new Smartphone? Setting up your new smartphone. The process is as exciting as setting up a new apartment: there’s many things to do and it can be obvious to forget some little things along the way.

Here are some of the primary things every smartphone holder should do with their device when they get a new phone.

Find Everything Inside the Box

After purchasing a new phone, the first thing you should check the packet well to confirm that you have all the necessary accessories in the box such as SIM ejector PIN, Charging Adapter, USB Cable, user manual etc. Normally, the bundled stuff is nothing worth getting thrilled over, but may be you get treats like a mobile cover.

Know your SIM type

Now a days SIM types are enhancing such as standard, micro, nano etc. You must know which form of SIM your device would support. If you are not sure, go through the user handbook which would be in the box. Don’t make efforts to insert the SIM forcefully into the slot. There have been occurrences of the SIM getting trapped in the slot when the incorrect SIM was tried to insert.

Lock your device with a passcode

This is the initial level of security in effect, anybody who get your phone can check your apps and the photos, other information held within. Set a lock pattern, passcode or face/finger reorganization and simply set it in before you use your phone.

Download apps from trustworthy app stores

Visit only the authorized app stores — Go to Apple App Store if you are using an iPhone or iPad, and Google Play store if you are an Android user. For malware developers it’s too easy to make forged malicious apps and add them up on some third-party sites, expecting someone will be inexperienced enough to download them. Official app stores have a stricter scrutinizing process.

Setup your Google Account

When you switch on your phone for the first time, it will provide guideline for the setup process. This process can be different a bit from device to device but one of the common things it will request you to do is login to your Google account.

Signing into Google connects your phone with a lot of further services, and it’s the initial step to personalizing your phone. Starting google will help you to use your email, calendar, and contacts list automatically, and it will help your phone to manage your identity across devices.

Protect Your Phone

The important thing you should do is save your phone from some physical damage and that’s possible with a phone cover. How about purchasing a little tough and designing your own phone cover? Also there are some trusted 3rd party companies that provide smartphone protection plans to your phone and the choice to take it up or not is completely up to you.

Set up mobile data tracking

If you are not on unrestricted data plan, checking how much data you have utilize in a monthly billing cycle is an essential. Using more than the limit because of all those dog videos you’re seeing on YouTube can get costly.

Using mobile data tracking is a must now days. Go to the settings of your phone, click on “Data usage”, and then add the billing cycle and the total data your plan provides.

The then final step is to allow a data warning and data limit. The tracker will alert you when you have used a set amount of data, while it will turn off data usage once it reaches the limit you’ve set.

Follow these some quick guidelines to have endurance and pressure free experience with your new smart phone. Also let us know if you have other important advice that can be added to make it valuable to other new smartphone users.

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