A Tale of Two Websites

A Tale of Two Websites

Can a website really be a significant factor in helping a company revolutionize their business? If so, which approach in website design and development will generate the best results?

One approach is to go for a DIY route, creating their own website using their own staff and without the assistance of a professional web development company. To build their website, they will use the website creation tools offered by most hosting services as a free feature provided with their hosting, or as a premium add-on but with limited capabilities.

Companies that choose this route are those who want to launch their new website as fast as possible. They require a faster time-to-market so they can feature and showcase their products and services as soon as their new website goes live. To boost traffic and generate as many leads as fast as possible, many of these website owners use various promotional techniques.  Such tactics include offering discounts or promotional freebies after an online user completes an online contact form.

The other approach is preferred by companies who want more customization on their website and instead work with a professional web development company to plan, design, build and launch their website. The company is assured that the website they will receive is unique, highly customized, more visually appealing, and more compelling than prefab sites that look and feel like the thousand other websites using the same template.

When companies have their websites built by a professional web development company, they are aware that the success of their online campaigns is not dependent on a quick launch, but on how effective their websites are designed and configured to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Establishing an online presence does not end with launching a website. The work continues toward the next phase in their overall online marketing strategy, which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This strategy includes means and measures to establish an effective SEO campaign. This involves a whole lot of activities aside from merely maintaining the website and populating it with relevant content. Additional tasks required include an in-depth analysis of the website and enhancements of pertinent elements that will contribute towards SEO. This also involves speed enhancements, performance optimization, keyword selection, improving the internal linking structure, mobile-friendliness, analysis of traffic and competition, and optimization of tags and metadata, among others.

Now, which of these two approaches is more effective in achieving their business goals?

Landau Consulting’s “A Tale of Two Websitesinfographic addresses this by following the development and results of two competing companies, how they performed and how their online campaigns fared in terms of results based on the approach they implemented.

This infographic will teach you how a website can revolutionize a company’s online marketing programs and propel their business toward the next level. The two approaches are discussed in detail, giving you a closer look as to which approach would generate better responses from their targeted audience and achieve the intended results.

The lesson in this infographic will serve as a guide for business owners who are planning to create a new website or upgrade the performance of an existing one – guiding them toward the best approach.

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