Buy Reseller Hosting Plans – Cheap Reseller Hosting

Buy Reseller Hosting Plans – Cheap Reseller Hosting

Cheap Reseller Hosting

Buy Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting from which it is allowed to resell space (web hosting) within the same plan. In this way, it gives the possibility to those who resell to create domains and subdomains within the same primary account.

It is a service that can be used by any person or company, but it is very oriented to web designers, graphic designers, and people related to marketing and content.

Buy Cheap Reseller Hosting India

In Wisesolution, we also call Multi-domain Hosting, because it allows you to host more than one domain in the same plan as long as the resources (disk space and transfer) do not exceed the total quota of the idea that you have contracted with us. You can host your main domain and also resell the remaining space to your customers. Each of them will have space and transfer X that you designate and control at all times.

Start Hosts Reseller Hosting plans

Hosting resale plans are varied, offering different types of disk space, transfer, and the number of domain features. Unlimited Reseller Hosting Plans Include high-performance CPU, RAM, and SSD Disks so that your sites and those of your clients go very fast. You will also have 24- hour support to help you at all times.

Customers will have cPanel, the most popular and complete control panel on the market, from where they can create mailboxes, databases, subdomains, and much more.

Buy Reseller Hosting technical support

If any of the start hosts clients have a problem and need help, then he can open a ticket and detail the problem. We will always support you directly through the Ticket panel, never to third parties.

How to Manage Reseller hosting

All domains of your reseller hosting India are managed from the cPanel control panel, the most flexible and easy to use on the market. You can see how much transfer, disk, email, and databases are being used on the sites. In the same way, you can also delete them and create them whenever you want, and you have total control of the buy reseller hosting panel.

Buy Reseller hosting India allows you to manage several hosting accounts; it has a control panel where   you can create independent hosting accounts; it is ideal for web designers, people, or companies that   manage several domains.

Start Hosts Reseller Hosting

Resell hosting is like selling any digital or real-life product. You put a price on your customers. You need to dedicate yourself entirely to the business, meet your customers, generate a sales strategy, and you will be receiving your payments month by month.

For example, it is widespread for a web design company to sell logo and site design packages. And however, if the client also needs space to host the web, they often offer a kit with everything that includes design, domain registration, and web hosting to organize your files.

Start Reselling Hosting

There are some basic requirements so you can start reselling hosting, we will explore them one by one in detail.

Buy your Reseller Plan

It is essential to have money to buy your Multi Domain Hosting plan from start hosts, once you have it, you can now resell the disk space and transfer it. As you grow in the use of your project, you can upload to other plans that provide you with more disk and transfer, as well as several domains.

Start host Reseller Hosting Plans are fully salable, both up and down. That is to say that if one day you have less disk usage and clients, you can go down to another plan that costs less money.

Whether you are a design, marketing, or other business, you will need to have an operational and   functioning website to be able to sell hosting from it.

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