Connecting Surveillance CCTV Cameras to Mobile

Connecting Surveillance CCTV Cameras to Mobile

Many people would like to learn how to connect surveillance cameras on the mobile to follow their homes, offices and companies. They also want to know everything that happens in them when they are away from them. Now it is possible with the mobile to see everything that is going on in detail. Now a days it is better to follow these facilities by linking the surveillance CCTV cameras with the mobile. Anyone can perform this process easily by following easy and simple methods and steps.

How to connect surveillance cameras to mobile

Connect the mobile surveillance camera with the QR Code DVR devices

  • Go to the settings DVR, then open the QR Code page.
  • Three QR codes appear on this page, the first for devices Android, the second for iPhone devices, and the third for various devices.
  • Go to the smart phone, then open the DVR application that is preloaded on the device, then go to settings and then go to the QR code reader.
  • Opening the mobile’s rear camera directly, and thus a box appears in the photography to bring the camera closer to the code on the DVR screen
  • Wait a short time to confirm that the code has been read.
  • Go to another page on the mobile, in which the password and user name must be entered. They must be confidential for the user only. This is to prevent anyone else from using the application and viewing the content that appears on the surveillance camera.
  • You can link between the mobile camera and its screen through the application. Also, It is possible to add several cameras on the same device. If the DVR screen contains many surveillance cameras, it appears you on the application. Thus you can browse and move between these cameras with ease to view the content of each of them.

Connect the surveillance camera on the mobile with the DVR devices without QR Code

This second method is not much different from the previous method. But it is considered somewhat manual with DVR devices that do not have a QR Code, which can be somewhat outdated, as this method depends on the use of an identification number for the DVR device, which is called the IP number, then add it in the preloaded application on the mobile, and this method can be followed by the following steps:

  • Log into the DVR screen, then go to the main device menu.
  • Go to the settings page in the main device menu.
  • Go to the information tab that appears in the submenu.
  • All information related to the DVR appears, including the ID number, which represents the identification number of the device.
  • Go to the mobile, open the application, and then choose to add a new DVR device
  • Enter the required data, including the ID number, so the user can see what the camera displays on the mobile screen immediately upon opening the application.

Features of connecting a surveillance camera to a mobile phone

There are many advantages that can be obtained when connecting a surveillance camera to a mobile phone. The camera monitoring of everything that happens in the under surveillance place by viewing a live image is most important. In addition to that most of the programs that rely on this process send warning messages through e-mail, in case the entry of an unknown person or something strange happened in the place, in addition to the fact that the use of the camera in this process is very easy.

The best CCTV apps

  • Reolink application: It is one of the best and most popular applications because it is free, and the user can watch videos directly with surveillance cameras anywhere and at any time, as the number of its users is more than 2.5 million people, and it can be downloaded from its official website or from Google Play.
  • Alfred application: It is one of the most downloaded applications because of its ease of use, and its distinctive interface with its beautiful colors, and this application can use old Android phones with a surveillance CCTV camera.
  • i-Security application: It is one of the best applications; In addition to the live broadcast, it can turn the home computer into a surveillance camera, or take pictures from videos, but one of its drawbacks is that it stops working when the computer enters sleep mod

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