Core Features Of WooCommerce Mobile Apps

Core Features Of WooCommerce Mobile Apps

With the rise in the eCommerce and mobile apps industry, the online shopping audience has shifted to the mobile platform. The preference of online shoppers has been changed from online websites to mobile apps. The native apps on the Google Play and Apple App Store are more popularized than the traditional eCommerce website. 

The WooCommerce Mobile Apps are the native Android & iOS apps for the eCommerce website that remains in sync with the online store inventory and database. The WooCommerce store merchants out there can seamlessly launch a mobile app for their business with WooCommerce Mobile App Maker. The WooCommerce Mobile App is a complete no-code framework designed to launch shopping apps without any coding knowledge or experience. 

The WooCommerce Mobile Apps for Android & iOS comes with a friendly admin panel that ensures that the changes can be done in the live app itself.

The various useful settings and configurations in the backend allow the store admin to handle live app UI and design like a piece of cake. 

#1. Dynamic Home Screen

The home screen of the WooCommerce Mobile App is a customizable interface that can be designed using the right set of banners, themes, products, categories, colors, fonts, etc. Various multiple home screen designs can be created and saved in the admin panel and used at the right time. 

#2. Easy Login Options

The WooCommerce Mobile App comes with Google & Facebook login along with Phone Number (OTP) & Fingerprint. The users can log in to the apps with a single tap and browse the same. 

#3. Unlimited Push Notifications

The WooCommerce Mobile App has the feature of personalized push notifications as well. The merchant can send promotional as well as informational push notifications and increase sales and revenue. 

#4. Real-time Inventory Sync

The WooCommerce Mobile App remains in complete sync with the mobile apps. The entire store inventory/database gets updated on the mobile app automatically without any manual intervention. 

#5. All Payment Methods

Any payment or shipping method can work along with the WooCommerce Mobile Apps. The native Android & iOS apps save a huge cost and effort for the payment integration.

#6. Multi-lingual & RTL Support:

The WooCommerce Mobile App supports various languages including the RTL scripts (Right To Left) like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. The users can switch any language on the app and the content will be translated accordingly. 

#7. White Label Branding

The WooCommerce Mobile Application comes with white-label branding. This simply means that the apps can be branded to any website brand. 

#8. Offline Browsing 

In case of no internet connection, the shopping app gets closed. But, the WooCommerce Mobile App works even without no/slow internet connectivity. The Android & iOS apps come with inbuilt offline browsing capability. 

#9. Coupons & Vouchers

Every website coupon/voucher code will be actively working on the WooCommerce Mobile Apps as well. The users can avail of the same offer on the mobile apps and revenue can be increased. 

#10. Live Chat Support

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator comes with advanced Zopim and WhatsApp chat options. The users can connect with the admin directly and get their issues resolved in no time. 


These were the few core features of the WooCommerce Mobile App that can be a boon for the eCommerce store owners. With handy shopping experience to increased leads and sales, a mobile app covers almost everything. The easy management and flawless work make the WooCommerce Android and iOS mobile app a must-have these days.    

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