Boost the Customer Engagement With the Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension

Boost the Customer Engagement With the Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension

The Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension will help you increase customer engagement in your shop. It is simple to apply for business owners. To add the subscription pop up on the store, no coding qualifications are necessary. The Magento 2 Interactive pop up from Knowband lets business owners create a gamified popup subscription on their website. It’s a cutting-edge method of offering discounts to clients. Visitors to your shop will be euphoric and content as a result of this. They’ll probably come back to your business as well.

The popup with the spinning wheel is quite interesting. It is incredibly straightforward to add the spin wheel. To exhibit the Magento 2 subscription pop up, the business owner does not need any coding knowledge.

The following are the features of the Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension

  1. The Magento 2 Exit Intent Subscription Pop up is a highly responsive popup that adds interest and appeals to your business. The business owner may simply specify when the popup should be displayed to clients. For instance, when they are visiting, departing, or navigating down the page.
  2. It provides a variety of theme options that the admin can quickly pick. Further, deploy with a single click of a button. Christmas and New Year themes are only a few of the options available to the store administrator.
  3. The Magento 2 Email Subscriber popup allows the administrator to view coupon insights in graphical form. For instance, the number of coupons used, produced, and unused. In fact, it also depicts a different census based on the location from where individuals are producing coupons and the type of device they use, such as mobile or desktop.
  4. The Magento 2 Exit Intent Pop up enhancement features an email connector. Further, where the customer email is immediately stored. Thus, assisting the shop administrator with email promotion.
  5. The online administrator has authority over when customers benefit from a particularly valuable deal.
  6. The shop administrator has the option of showing the Magento 2 Responsive pop up to which demographic segment.
  7. The spin wheel theme, background colour of the wheel, and wording printed on the popup are all changeable in the Magento 2 Email Subscriber popup.
  8. The shop proprietors can easily expand their registered user population by implementing the appropriate steps.
  9. eCommerce retailers benefit greatly from the Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension. It can assist you in raising the store’s revenue.
  10. The Magento 2 Responsive pop up also allows business owners to customize the email topic and information. The email layouts are also changeable by the administrator.
  11. The business owners may quickly build their membership group by taking these steps.

In the End

Thus, this is what the Magento 2 Spin and Win Extension by Knowband is an operational and beneficial module for your eCommerce business. In fact, has so many features that are absolutely customizable. If you have any doubts about the plugin, contact us at

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